illüstrasyon etiketine sahip kayıtlar gösteriliyor. Tüm kayıtları göster
illüstrasyon etiketine sahip kayıtlar gösteriliyor. Tüm kayıtları göster

Tapirulan Illustrators Contest 15th Edition 2019 Cremona Italy

🔴Deadline: October 18, 2019. Any medium and technique is allowed. Each artwork must be square-shaped, not smaller than 25×25 centimetres and not bigger than 40×40 centimetres. If the artwork is applied on a panel or..

SALZMAN Grup İllüstrasyon Ödülleri Kazananları

🔴Reklam, yayıncılık ve kurumsal iletişim dahil olmak üzere iletişim sanatlarında çalışan ticari ressamlar için temsilci olan SALZMAN Grup Ödülleri kazanan eserleri. Ödüllü Salzman Grubu, New York Times, New Yorker. GQ, Barron'lar..

Polonyalı Grafik Tasarımcısı ve İllüstratör Igor MORSKI

🔴Polonya grafik tasarımcısı, illüstratör ve set tasarımcısı. Halen, son zamanlarda 3D olarak da fotoğraf manipülasyonuna, çizimine dayalı karışık medya grafik sanatına odaklanmaktadır. Devlet Güzel Sanatlar Yüksek Okulu'nda İç..

Dünya İllüstrasyon Ödülleri 2019 Kazanan Kategoriler ve Çalışmalar

🔴İllüstratörler Derneği (The Association of Illustrators) (The AOI) ile İllüstrasyon Portalı'nın (The Directory of Illustration) ortaklaşa düzenlediği "Prestijli Dünya İllüstrasyon Ödülleri 2019"un 8 kategoride kazanan 16 çalışma..

27th Bienal of Illustration Bratislava 2019 - 2020 Bratislava Slovakia

🔴Application DeadlineMay 31, 2019. Deadline for Sending in the IllustrationsOct. 20 – Oct. 23, 2019. The Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava 2019 (BIB 2019) is organized in October 2019 – January 2020 in Bratislava, Slovakia. 

New 'Nostalgia' Themed Issue of Varoom Illustration Magazine

🔴The latest issue of the UK’s essential illustration magazine looks at nostalgia and the impact the past has on illustration today. Is our love of images from the past holding us back, or can we use nostalgia to innovate? With a cover in four..

Dünya İllüstrasyon Ödülleri Yarışmasına Başvuru Süresi Uzatıldı

🔵Dünya çapında en prestijli illüstrasyon yarışmalarından olan "Dünya İllüstrasyon Ödüller"i (World Illustration Awards) yarışmasına başvuru süresi, gelen talepler üzerine 17 Şubat 2019 Pazar gününe kadar uzatıldı.

2019 Illustration Competition, USA

Introduce your work to the world. Enter the most prestigious competition for creativity in illustration, the Communication Arts Illustration Competition. Any illustration first published or produced from January 2018

The World Illustration Awards 2019, London, England

🔴The Association of Illustrators (AOI) in partnership with USA-based Directory of Illustration, announces that the World Illustration Awards 2019 are now open for entries. Following WIA’s most successful year ever in 2018, we

iJungle 2018 Illustration Awards, China

🔴iJungle 2018 Illustration Awards is a competition to celebrate the world´s art of illustration. Located in Europe, it is opened to illustrators, agencies, representatives, students and teachers all over the world. iJungle 2018 has 7 categories: Book,

14th Tapirulan Illustrators Contest 2018 Cremona, Italy

🔴Any medium and technique is allowed. Each work must be square-shaped, not smaller than 25×25 centimetres and not bigger than 40×40 centimetres. If the artwork is applied on a panel or frame, it must not exceed 3 mm in thickness. In..

AOI Poster Prize For Illustration 2019 UK

🔴Artists are invited to visually capture a familiar or lesser-known narrative in a single image. All stories, current or historical, real or fictional which feature this amazing city are welcome – your imagination is the limit. Stories could be those..

11th International Illustration Meeting of S. João da Madeira Competition Rules and Regulations, Portugal

🔴Submitted illustrations must reflect the theme WORK, be new and original and cannot have been previously published or diffused by the author. Each entrant must submit two original illustrations, this being the maximum number of..

Nami Island Picture Book Illustration Contest 2019 Seoul, Republic of Korea

🔴⦁Nami Concours aims to encourage artists’ creativity and contribute to the advancement of the quality of picture book illustrations. It is organized every 2 years by Nami Island, the official sponsor of IBBY Hans Christian Andersen..

Japan Illustrators' Association call for entries "JIA Illustration

🔴All entries must be the original work of the entrant, and you may submit a maximum of 5 illustrations. Images must be in electronic format (JPEG files). The width and the heights should be within 2,000 pixels, up to 1MB for each work..

12th Japan International Manga Award, Japan

🔴Eligible MANGA works need to be composed of more than 16 pages. Both published and unpublished works are eligible to apply, excluding the past winning works of Japan International Manga Awards. Eligible MANGA works..

Walter TOSCANO'dan Portre Karikatürler

🔴Walter TOSCANO'dan Portre Karikatürler. Plastik sanatlar sanatçısı, karikatürcü, illüstratör, kısa hikayeci ve Perulu şair. 'Piel de Kamaleón' (edebiyat) ve 'Perro Kalato' (uluslararası grafik sanatı) dergilerini yönetti. Şiirleri ve kısa..

The 4th Macao International Contemporary Illustrations 2018 China

🔴Works shall be the original works after 2015. The theme of the work shall conform to the theme of the competition, and the style, artistic expression technique and work contents are not limited; Manual work, digital work or work..

2nd Manga CPO Award, Japan

🔴Any theme or genre.. Manga must be a one-shot story.. No longer than 30 pages in total Must be a completed work (scripts and rough drafts will not be accepted).. No designated page order (pages can be ordered from left to right, right to..

2018 Illustration Competition, USA

🔴2018 Illustration Competition.. Each winning entrant will receive a personalized Award of Excellence, milled from solid aluminum, and award certificates issued for firms, individuals and clients.. 2018 Illustration Jury Chad..