Umut Foundation International Cartoon Contest 2019 Istanbul Turkey

🔴Deadline: August 23, 2019. The contest is open to all amateur and proffessional designers except for the Selection Committee Members, Umut Foundation employees and their immediate relatives. Participation in the..

Umut Foundation International Cartoon Contest 2019 Istanbul Turkey...

Istanbul / TURKEY
August 23, 2019

Since its foundation in 1993, Umut Foundation carries out its activities with the aim of raising awareness about “Individual Disarmament” by drawing attention to uncontrolled individual armament without any legal justification, which is increasing worldwide and in our country, irresponsible possession of guns, and personal and social pains experienced as a result of this. “As citizens who know, demand and implement their rights  and responsibilities in order to lead lives worthy of human dignity, and to leave our children a world where there is no violence and the culture of peace prevails” Umut Foundation organizes trainings, campaigns and academical works on subjects like the rule of law, peace and reconciliation, citizen consciousness, all kinds of violence and individual disarmament for the society and individuals.  It also carries out activities to build public opinion, to inform and raise the awareness of public.

CARICATURE is an artistic tool which depicts the existing social problems with a humorous and universal language of drawing, revealing the problem by clearly satirizing it even though it cannot offer a proposal for every problem. For this reason, the prize contest organized as part of Umut Foundation’s traditional “28th September Individual Disarmament Day” activities is devoted to the theme of caricature in 2019. This 24th Traditional Prize contest is the first international contest held by Umut Foundation.

Theme of the "28th September Indidual Disarmament Day" Cartoon Contest
The  theme of the Cartoon Contest wasadopted as "Individual Disarmament: Give Life a Charce".

the aim of this contest is to address the possible, outoomes and dangers of the increasing individual armament in our society by using all the opportunities of the art of caricature, and to raise awareness in the public.

Terms and Conditions
1- The contest is open to all amateur and proffessional designers except for the Selection Committee Members, Umut Foundation employees and their immediate relatives.
2- Participation in the contest is free-of-charge.
3- Works which previously took prizes cannot enter the contest.
4- Each contestant can participate with a maximum of 3 works.
5- Caricatures sent should be in A3 (29,7 x42 cm) or A4 (29,7 x 21 cm) dimensions.
6- It is advisable for contestants to add a short story and their impressions of the work with the application.
7- Participation form should be filled completely and accurately.
8- Works which do not meet these conditions will not be evaluated.
9- Compşetely  and accurately filled participation form and printed versions of the works should be handed over by handor sent to the Contest Secretariat, packaget in a way that it won't be damaged in cargo or mail.
10- Umut Foundation cannot be held resporsible for any damages, delays or losses accourring in cargo or mail.
11- Awarded works will not be returned.
12- Owners of the works which did not receive a prize and were not donated to Umut Foundation may take their works back from Umut Foundation personally, or the works will be returned to their owners until 15th November 2019 by reverse-charge cargo in the package in whibh they were sent.
 The applicant who accept the conditions stated in this specification, which is an integral part of the application form, has signed this specification by writing his/her choice of nickname.

Contest Delivery Address
Name Surname : Ebru İlker BİNGÖR
Telephone: +90 (212) 216 0670
Address : 
Umut Vakfı, Yıldız Posta Cad. No: 52/1
Gayrettepe, Beşiktaş - ISTANBUL / TURKEY

E-mail : -

Selection Committee (In alphabetical order according to surname)
Dr. Ayhan Akcan                         (Psychiatrist, Umut Foundation Member of Board of Directors)
Sunnerberg Constantin                (Caricaturist, Belgium)
Dr. Kadir Doğruer                        (Caricaturist)
Assoc. Prof. Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu (Caricaturist, Yeditepe University Faculty of Fine Arts)
Miroslaw Hajnos                         (Caricaturist, Poland)
Prof. Dr. Yasemin Giritli İnceoğlu    (Specialist on Communication)   
Attn. Fikret İlkiz                          (Umut Foundation Elected Trustee and Member of Board of Directors)
Özben Önal                               (President of Umut Foundation)
Metin Peker                               (Caricaturist, President of the Association of Caricaturists)
Sibel Savacı                               (Umut Foundation Elected Trustee and Member of Board of Directors)
Deniz Zeyrek                              (Columnist at Sözcü Newspaper)

Upon completion of the assessment of participating works in the Cartoon Contest organized as part of Umut Foundation 28th September Individual Disarmament Day event, prizes for the First, Second and Third Place will be announced by the Selection Committee. Prizes for the highest-ranking works are as follows:
- Grand Prize - 3,000 $
- Second Prize - 2,000 $
- Third Prize - 1,500 $
In addition, the Selection Committee is free to point out that the works were considered to be deserving praise with a special award (plaque) and honorable mention (plaque) in every category

Contest Calendar
Deadline for Participatio: 23rd August 2019, Friday
Meeting of the Selection Committee : 4th September 2019, Wednesday
Award Ceremony : 28 September 2019, Saturday

Award Ceremony
The prizes for the works receiving a prize will be prese3nted to their owners at the Award Ceremony which will take place on 28th September 2019.

Umut Foundation For Raising Honorable Leaders will have the right to use  the works, which receive a prize in the contest and are  donated, with in the scope of lawro. 5846 by explicitly mentioning the participant's name.

Participants who receive a prize and donate their work acceptthat,  with the usage right which they are considered to have transfarred to Umut Foundation for Raising Honorable Leaders feree-ofcharge, Umut Foundation has the right of use for their works including the right to use them in all of its works, advertisements, activities and trainings, in placards, catalogues, brochures, gift books and all other similar promotional materials, to display and publish them in media, as well as the right to copy, circulate, distribute and display them.

Participants who receive a prize and donate their work accept and under take that,  limited to the purposes of the foundation, the Foundation takes over the usage right of the participating works with regard to publications in printed media, radio and television and other mass mesdia as well as in the internet, their publication in  placards, brochures, catalogues, day planners, posters CDs, DVDs and all digital platforms or as a calendar.

The participants accepts, dedares and undertakes that the work he/she has sent to the contest belongs completely to him/her, he/she is the sole and absolute addressee for the claims of 3rd parties which may arise from FSEK no. 5846 and other laws due to this work, legal and criminal liability with regard to the work belongs completely to him/her, and that Umut Foundation has no legal or criminal liability with regard to the referred aspects (and that it reserves the right of recourse to the work's owner).

The right of use belongs to Umut Foundation as the regulatory body together with the work's owner.

Persons participating in the contest are deemed to have accepted the contest conditions and selection committee decisions in advance.

In matters not addressed in the specification or in case of doubt, Selection Committee will act as an arbitrator between the Participant and Umut Foundation. In case of disputes, the Selection Committee has the authority.

We wish all the participants success.
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