3rd International Humor Salon Of ABCD 2018 São Paulo Brazil

🔴3rd International Humor Salon Of ABCD 2018 São Paulo Brazil. Quantity: up to 03 works per artist. Theme: Free (humor) Technique: Free Paper Size: A-3 / Portrait Works in landscape format will not be accepted because of the..

3rd International Humor Salon Of ABCD 2018 São Paulo Brazil..

Sao Paoulo / BRAZIL
Opening Date: August 09, 2018
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3º. ABCD International Humor Lounge
Exhibition of Cartoons, Charges, Illustrations and Comic Strips.
Opening Date: August 09, 2018.
Exhibition Period: from August 9, 2018 to August 28, 2018.
Place of the Exhibition: Shopping Plaza de Moça.
Contact: 4055-4191 / email: seap.escoladearte@gmail.com - Facebook.com/SeapDiadema
Directed by: Seap - Studio Escola de Arte Paulista
Support: ACAESP - Artistic and Sports Cultural Association of the State of São Paulo
In order to participate, the Artist must submit to the works, the registration form provided by
legibly and in a signed form. For the validation, the registration is necessary
that all fields are filled in correctly.
Papers can be mailed or delivered in person at the
Seap, by the authorized artist or carrier. In the case of delivery by post, we request that
well packed, thus avoiding any damage during transport.
They can be by email too, as long as they have great scan quality.
Remembering that we prefer to send by Post Office or in person, because the works
originals are always more interesting for exposure.
Shipping Address:
Rua Benjamin Constant, 
36 - Vila Santa Dirce - Diadema
SP - Brazil
Quantity: up to 03 works per artist.
Theme: Free (humor) Technique: Free Paper Size: A-3 / Portrait
Works in landscape format will not be accepted because of the standard layout that will be used for the exhibition of works.
The works delivered by the artists will assure them the copyright on the works.
The Salon of Humor as well as its organization, are not responsible for the use of images by
third parties, as the works will be exposed.
Acaesp and Seap are authorized to make use of the images during and after the event for the respective disclosure.
First Place: - Tablet + Digitizer Table + Integral Bag at Seap
Second Place: Digital Table + 50% Seap Bag at Seap
Third Place: Kit of Drawing Material (Set of Watercolors, 01 cx. Of Colored Pencils
Watercolor and Lapis Case for Drawing).
The non-withdrawal of the prizes on the day of the opening of the Salon will imply sending them via mail, with the shipping expenses paid on behalf of the winning artist.
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