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International Graphic Humor Competition Cusco 2018, Peru

International Graphic Humor Competition Cusco 2018 Lima, Peru.. technique is totally free, in color or in black and white, and will be sent digital, in 21 cm x 30 cm, in jpg (horizontal or

International Graphic Humor Competition 2018 Cusco, Peru..

Cusco / PERU
14 October 2018

(Translation from Portuguese google Translate..) Honesty theme, weapon against corruption
For centuries and for different circumstances and factors, our societies are being eroded by a terrible scourge: corruption.
This evil is embodied in all levels and spaces where human values ??are damaged or do not exist, conditioning our growth in every way. Faced with this kind of contamination of the Spirit there is an antidote that can be extremely effective if it is applied and cultivated from childhood. We are referring to honesty.
That is why the purpose of this contest is to add to the private and group efforts, private or state, in order to achieve and / or enhance individual and collective development, with integrity and freedom.
Ink Carpa, the Peruvian American Cultural Institute Cusco, and the National University Diego Quispe Tito, we invite you to participate in this event with the warm welcome of all Cusco and all Peruvians.
1. All illustrators and graphic humorists residing in any part of our mother earth, amateur or professional, from 18 to 120 years old, from any marital status, religious or sexual militancy, may participate. Members of the competition organization may not participate.
2. The theme on which works must be inspired is honesty, a weapon against corruption.
3. Each participant can present a maximum of 3 illustrations, without dialogues, nor parliament, nor balloons of text. The works may or may not have obtained some consideration or prize in other similar events, but must be original and own of the author that sends them, that is, the copies and / or detected by the jury will be disqualified immediately (the story of the) . Error of the secretary or the one of homage to certain master, does not serve).
4. The technique is totally free, in color or in black and white, and will be sent digital, in 21 cm x 30 cm, in jpg (horizontal or vertical), in rgb colors, in high resolution (300 dpi). The name of the file will be the title of the work.
5. A single-page word document containing the title of the work, the name of the author or authors, email, telephone number, address and country of origin, as well as a brief resume of no, must be attached to each illustration. More than 15 lines, a personal photo type passport and a miniature of the work.
6. The last day of sending will be on October 14, 2018. And the works must be sent to the following address: Carpadetinta@Gmail.Com
7. Prizes guaranteed by our sponsors:
First post usd 1,000. diploma
Second post usd 500. = + diploma
Third post usd 250. = + diploma
Honorable Mention (which the jury considers appropriate) diploma the results will be announced on November 7, 2018 and officially published in  
8. The qualifying jury will consist of five members, all important and recognized professionals of the national and international chart. Your decision is final.
9. If, after the jury's failure, it is still found that any of the participating works is plagiarism or a copy of another work, the author or authors will assume all legal responsibility for the situation, as well as disqualification and return of the prize. , if the piece had been awarded.
10. The most important works will be part of an itinerant exhibition that circulates in different rooms of Cusco and Peru. A larger selection of participating illustrations will be part of the virtual catalog.
11. With the participation in this contest, the author accepts all the conditions mentioned in these bases, and assigns the rights of his illustration to the organization of the contest for use in various publications, including audiovisual applications, related to the international contest of humor. Graphic the Inca smile.
Pepe Sanmartín
Director General of the Organizing Committee
For any information about the contest, please direct to 
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