ITS LIQUID International Contest 5th Edition 2017, Venezia, Italy

🔴The participants of the contest have to send all the material by December 01, 2017 (11.59 PM of your local time). To take part in ITS LIQUID International Contest - 5th Edition 2017 choose your Submission plan according to..

ITS LIQUID International Contest 5th Edition 2017, Venezia, Italy..

ART. 1 Goal
ITS LIQUID Group is proud to present ITS LIQUID International Contest - 5th Edition 2017 open to artists, architects, designers and fashion designers from all over the world, without any limit of age and nationality. Each participant can take part with works which belong to one or more categories. The contest is born with the goal of promoting
contemporary art, photography, architecture, design and fashion through all the divulging
tools that the communication platform ITS LIQUID has used for years, press release, mailing list with more than 200,000 subscribers, international contemporary art, architecture, design and fashion design events realization. Solo artists, architects, designers and fashion designers can participate to the contest as well as groups, after the designation of a group leader useful for the registration.

The contest, with a FREE THEME, is divided into ten categories:


ART. 2 Submitting material
For each submitted work of all the categories send 1 high resolution digital image in
JPG/JPEG format. All the presented works can be accomplished with total stylistic and
technical freedom, on every support and with any dimension.

For the categories video art and performing art:
send us the link of the submitted videos from platforms like YouTube, Vimeo or similar and 1
still image for each submitted video. If the video is not online you can send us the file
through online transfer services (as for example:,,, or other similar) to
The procedures of the forwarding artworks are described in the art. 6. The jury reserves the
right to exclude the artworks whose content could be offensive.

Submission deadline: December 01, 2017

ART. 3 The Jury
The selection will be carried out by the international Jury, composed by prestigious
personalities of the contemporary art, architecture, design and fashion scenes, and by
Public vote.

Jury President
Luca CURCI, architect, artist, curator and professor of Urban Planning and Interior Design at the Bahcesehir University BAU in the department of Rome, founder and director of LUCA

Alexandra BLANC, fashion designer, director of fashion brand BLANC - South Africa.
Kurt BLUM, general manager of Swiss Art Gate UAE, Dubai - Switzerland/UAE.
Ksusha CHEKHOVSKAYA, digital artist and art producer of exhibitions at Center Mars, Moscow – Russia
Andrea CHINELLATO, curator and director of Palazzo Ca' Zanardi in Venice - Italy.
Cristian CONTINI, gallerist, managing director at Contini Art Uk Gallery and coordinator of ArtStyle Magazine - Italy.
Madeleine ELLIOTT, designer founder of Rough Diamond company - Sweden
Ekaterina ETUSH, artist and producer at Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design
– Russia.
Erin FERUCCI, architect and designer founder of Eferucci Designs - USA.
Laurence GARTEL, artist, known to the world as the "father" of Digital Art for nearly 40-years - USA.
Laura HABER, gallerist, founder and curator of Laura Haber Gallery - Argentina
Masato HAYASHI, president of the design company Marutomi Inc. - Japan.
Jorge JURADO, artist and curator of Jorge Jurado Gallery - Colombia.
Ekaterina PETROPAVLOVSKAIA, fashion illustrator and founder of Kateillustrate brand – Russia.
Gregory STEEL, artist and assistant professor for Indiana University Kokomo - USA.
Stefano TORDIGLIONE, artist and designer based in Hong Kong, founder and director of ST DESIGN LTD - Italy/Hong Kong.
Angela Rose VIENSartist, fashion web designer, assistant stylist - USA.

ART. 4 Awards
The prizes that will be awarded to the winners of ITS LIQUID International Contest 2017 -
5th edition are the following:

- 1 YEAR Art Gallery representation. The winner will be inserted in the Gallery's official
artists list and his/her works will be shared and presented for a whole year to collectors, art
critics, curators, dealers, and introduce the artist in the gallery's network

- 1 YEAR of participation in International Art Exhibitions all over the world organized by ITS LIQUID Group. Since its beginning, ITS LIQUID Group has organized more than 150 events all around the world, involving more than 5,000 artists, in more than 60 international venues. 
ITS LIQUID works with a number of national and international galleries as well as publishers, museums, curators and writers from all over the world

- 9 participations in Contemporary Art Exhibitions in Venice, New York, Bogota' and
Buenos Aires held in exclusive locations such as galleries and art spaces in the most
influential cities in the world

- 30 featured articles and interviews published on the official website of ITS LIQUID
Group The articles will be announced to the ITS LIQUID mailing list
dedicated with more than 200.000 qualified subscribers

- 1 dedicated article published on the prestigious international magazine ArtStyle,
distributed in 25.000 copies in the most relevant locations, in art fairs and art galleries in
Cortina d'Ampezzo, Rome, Milan, Venice, Ibiza, London, Miami. The magazine deals with the most important international Art events, and is particular focused on Art, Architecture, Design, Luxury and Fashion.
The organization reserves the right to manage the available periods and locations of

ART. 5 Participation opportunities
The starting entry fee is euro 30,00 and allows the participation with maximum 2
artworks even if they belong to different categories. Each artist is free to participate with no
limit of artworks submissions.

The submission plans to take part in the Contest are the following:
- 30,00 euro for maximum 2 artworks
- 50,00 euro for maximum 3 artworks
- 60,00 euro for maximum 5 artworks
- 90,00 euro for maximum 8 artworks
- 100,00 euro for maximum 10 artworks
- 110,00 euro for maximum 12 artworks
- 130,00 euro for maximum 15 artworks
- 150,00 euro for maximum 18 artworks
- 180,00 euro for maximum 20 artworks

The artworks for each submission plan can belong to different categories. Please, when you
apply to the contest, specify the category of each artwork submitted.

ART. 6 Conditions of participation
The participants of the contest have to send all the material by December 01, 2017 (11.59 PM of your local time).
To take part in ITS LIQUID International Contest - 5th Edition 2017 choose your
Submission plan according to the number of works you want to submit (according to the
terms in the art. 5).
You can apply to the contest in 2 different ways: using the online submission form at the
following link: or by email.

How to apply by EMAIL
- download the Submission form (in .pdf format or .word format) and fill it with all the
required details
- proceed to the payment of the entry fee according to the number of works submitted. The
payment options are in the art. 7 and at the following link:

- create a zip/rar folder containing the filled Submission form, the work's pictures (in .jpg
format, max size of each image 5 Mb) and the receipt of the payment
- send the zip/rar folder by email to

How to apply using the ONLINE SUBMISSION FORM
- select one of the Submission plans in the page REGISTER of the Contest's website
(, according to the number of works you want to
submit and press SUBMIT NOW
- fill the online submission form
- upload the work's pictures (in .jpg format, max size of each image 5 Mb)
- press NEXT to proceed to the payment

If the submission is sent by e-mail, the forwarding of all documents and artworks has to be
carried out through online transfer services (as for example:,,, or other similar) to
The material has to be included in a zipped folder named with the name, surname and
category or categories in which you participate.

ART. 7 Procedures of payment
The payment can be made online at the following address:

Otherwise the entry fee can be accomplished by:
Bank transfer
Name: Luca Curci
Bank: Bancapulia Spa
Filiale 14, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 112 - 70122 Bari (Italy)
IBAN: IT09 S057 8704 0040 1457 0027 600
Western Union
Name: Luca Curci
Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 33 - 70122 Bari, Italy
Phone: +39.0805234018

Paypal/Credit Card
PayPal account:
If you don’t have an account PayPal, you can pay by credit/debit card following this link:

Please note that we don't accept any transfer costs charges. Bank cheques are not accepted.

ART. 8 Procedures of application
In order to participate to the contest, it is necessary to fill in the submission form, online or
sent by email, in which the author declares to have read and accepted all the rules of this
contest and to possess all the rights on the originals and on the elaboration of the photos
and/or videos sent. Every author will be directly responsible for the content of his artworks
and the contest organizers will not be responsible in any case.

ART. 9 Procedures of selection
WINNERS will be selected by professional Jurors’ vote and Public vote.
The Jury will select 1 winner and 2 honorable mentions for each category.

Among the winners of all the categories, the Jury will select the "winner of winners" that will be awarded 1 YEAR of participations in all the Exhibitions organized by ITS LIQUID Group all over the world.
The other winners of all the categories will be awarded, each one, one participation in a
Contemporary Art, Architecture and Fashion Exhibition in one of the most relevant cities of the world, Venice, New York, Bogota' and Buenos Aires, and a featured article on ITS LIQUID platform.

All the participants selected as honorable mentions from all the categories will be awarded a featured article on ITS LIQUID platform.
Among all the participants, ITS LIQUID Group, in collaboration with the Gallery Manager, will select 1 artist/architect/designer/fashion designer that will be awarded 1 YEAR of
representation in a professional renewed Art Gallery.

The Public vote will be realized on ITS LIQUID Group official Facebook page.
After applying for the contest, ITS LIQUID will upload the submitted works on ITS LIQUID
Group Facebook page and give the participants the direct link of their artworks.
To vote and be voted it is necessary to share the works' links, like the ITS LIQUID Group
official Facebook page and the works’ pictures on our Facebook page. The participant with the greater number of "like" will be the winners.
The most voted participant will be awarded a featured article on the prestigious
international art, architecture, design and fashion magazine ArtStyle distributed in
25.000 copies.

ART. 10 Responsibilities
The organization commits itself to communicate possible modifications which could be made to the present announcement directly on ITS LIQUID Group official website

ART. 11 Agreement
The decisions of the Jury are irrevocable and unquestionable. The winner artists and
designers have the right to renounce and to withdraw in any moment from the competition,
without asking ITS LIQUID Group any kind of indemnity. Each artist grants ITS LIQUID Group

the rights to reproduce the works for advertisement on its website and through other forms
of communication. Each artist gives to ITS LIQUID Group and its direct delegates, the
authorization of the treatment of the personal data according to the law 675/96 ("Privacy law") and its amendments to It D.lgs. 196/2003 (Codice Privacy), also for the inclusion in the data banks managed by these associations. The participation to the contest implies the knowledge and the total acceptance of this Regulation.