Cheltenham Illustration Awards 2017 London, England

53 finalist artists will be chosen by a jury of top art curators and critics, led by Fatoş Üstek..
The theme for 2017’s Exhibition and Annual : Tales Through Others' Eyes.
The theme for 2017’s Exhibition and Annual : Tales Through Others' Eyes.
The focus of the Awards has always been one of narrative. Visual storytelling, whether sequential or single image, gives scope to the imagination and opens up possibilities beyond the present moment; what happened  before? What happens next?

'A single experience can lead to many different responses - no two people see the world alike. It’s an easy thing to draw from life when informed by our own experience but to see through the eyes of others requires that we set out on a journey of imagination and empathy; to see clearly we might have to forget our own prejudices and preconceptions. There are a million lives beyond our own – choose to inhabit the world of another and, seeing through their eyes, make an image that explores their distinctive, or unique, vision.'

Open to all students, emerging and established illustrators.
File image size: (Portrait or landscape) 50x40 cm max, 300dpi
Image format: High quality JPEG
File Name: (FirstName_LastName) 

An academic and peer selection panel will assess the entries for inclusion in the exhibition and Annual.

The selected work will be showcased at the Wilson Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum and other venues, and published in the 2017 Cheltenham Illustration Awards Annual, which will be distributed to educators and publishers, internationally.

The Awards will also be inviting work from established artists and illustrators whose work we admire and that contributes to the theme.

The deadline for submitted entries is the 1st June 2017.

53 finalist artists will be chosen by a jury of top art curators and critics, led by Fatoş Üstek. Prizes are awarded according to voting by the finalists themselves at the final exhibition in London.

23,000 € cash prizes
Project Prize 4,000 €
Painting & Drawing Prize 4,000 €
Photography & Digital Graphics Prize 4,000 €
Video & Animation Prize 4,000 €
Installation, Sculpture & Performance Prize 4,000 €

Super-Young Prize 3,000 €

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