CariToon – National Festival 2017, Kochi, India

The selection of Works for exhibition by the Organisers will be final and not contestable..

Kochi / INDIA
April 15, 2017
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Guide Lines for Submission
During the CariToon Kochi, 2017 Organising Committee meeting held on 2nd February 2017, it was decided to include an exclusive exhibition of Cartoons from International Cartoonists. The following are the details:-

1- A separate exhibition of cartoons by international cartoonists will be included as a part of the CariToon Kochi, 2017 and these will be show-cased in one of the prominent locations/ art galleries in Kochi.
2- The intention is to display around 50 cartoons / caricatures from international artists during the CariToon Kochi, 2017 event, as a part of it.
3- Cartoonists from outside India alone are eligible to participate in this exhibition.

4- Each contributor can send via e-mail uptocartoons/caricatures, in colour or black & white with a resolution not less than 300dpi. And size not more than 1.5GBJPG format.
5- The cartoons may be unpublished, published and /or prize-awarded by any Agency, or created exclusively for this Event.
6- Cartoons without Text should be on universally understood subjects. Text is permitted if required for the full understanding and appreciation of the Works, but shall only be in English and short.
ii) Caricatures shall be of prominent recogniseable world leaders from any country including India.
7- The cartoons can be sent by e-mail to  kar2nist@gmail.com
8- The name of the Work(s), the name of the artist, place of residence, country and e-mail ID should be given in the email while submitting the Works.
9-  A color photograph of the author should also accompany the submissions
10-  All submissions should be accompanied by the filled-up Submission Form.
11- After the conclusion of CariToon Kochi, 2017 a specially designed “Certificate of Particiation” will be sent via e-mail to all the authors of Works which are selected and displayed in the Exhibition,
12- The selection of Works for exhibition by the Organisers will be final and not contestable.
13- The last date of submissions of cartoons will be 15th April 2017I would now personally invite you to participate in this venture by sending us your cartoons and making it a success. If you have any querrie in this connection please don't hesitate to contact me. Rgds' Tvg Menon kar2nist