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2017 Uluslararası En İyi Mizah Sanatçısı Ödülü Sonuçları

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XXI Graphic Humor Contest "Owl MOOD 2017", Corunna, Spain

The works submitted will be subject to free. Humor in any mode: mute, illustrated text or bullet..

Corunna / SPAIN
May 30, 2017
( P )

. In the category owl, anyone over 25 years living in the Spanish State.
. In the category owl-NOVA, anyone up to 25 years living in the Spanish State. People under age 25 may participate in the general category, owl, extreme involving his resignation to the category owl-NOVA.

. For the purposes of calculating age, will age / participant on the date on which the notice is published in the BOP.
. The / participant may submit only one drawing.

. The works submitted will be subject to free. Humor in any mode: mute, illustrated text or bullet.

. The works presented in the competition must be of their own creation and unpublished.
. Will be presented on paper, even if the work performed digitally (print quality).
. The maximum size of the drawing will be 29,7x42 cm. (A3).
. No photocopies will be accepted or recorded.

. Papers must be written in Galician.
. Also accepted work written in any language state officials (Castilian, Catalan, Basque) but, in this case, he / the author / s must submit, along with the documentation required in the rules, the translation into Galician text drawing.
. Allowed work dumb humor.

. Since the publication of the bases in the municipal website until 23:59 pm on 30 May 2017.

. The presentation of the original contest will take place in the General Register of the City of Fene or any other manner provided in Article 16.4 of Law 39/2015 of Common Administrative Procedure.
. For the purposes of sending by mail, the address is as follows:

General Register of the City of Fene
C / Mayor Ramon Gonzalez Souto, s / n,
15500 Fene

. The drawings may not be signed (including the fact that the firm will be reason for exclusion). In addition, lead on the back and the stylus, the ID number of the author / s and the motto or pseudonym with which it is presented to the contest.
. The work was presented / package sent in the envelope with no return address, and noting abroad "For the competition of graphic humor Owl Humor 2017," in addition to the category in which it competes: owl or owl NOVA.
. The films will be under escrow system, which will be accompanied by a separate envelope, unopened, and outside which consists:
- The category in which it competes: owl or owl NEW
- Title of Work
- Motto or pseudonym of the author /
. Inside the envelope will include the registration covered (Annex 1), a declaration expressing that the work is their own, new and original (ANNEX 2) and a copy of their ID.
. In the case of entrants under 18, must also include a copy of ID of parent / guardian / legal, and signed authorization to enter the contest (ANNEX 3)

. The presentation of the work of the competition implies express authorization of the Humor Museum of the City of Fene to use these images for purposes only exhibition in the Museum itself and / or in other facilities in the municipality and the municipal website.
. The Museum of the City of Humor Fene reserves the right to select the works that will be exhibited. The exhibition of the works will not bring economic rights to the author / s of artwork.

. Owl category (over 25 years)
1st prize of 2,000 euros and a diploma
2nd prize of 1,500 euros and a diploma

. Category owl-NOVA (under 25)
1st prize of 1,000 euros and a diploma
2nd prize of 500 euros and a diploma

The prize amounts will be subject to all the tax laws that apply to them.
. Funding for the awards will be charged to the budget implementation 334/48000 (extended budget of the City of Fene).

. The winners must certify that they are aware of their tax obligations and Social Security, by declaration in terms of Article 24.4 of Royal Decree 887/2006 of 21 July, by which approves the Regulation of law 38/2003, of November 17, General Grant, in the amount not to exceed the amount of three million euros. They will have to submit sworn statement attesting they are not in any of the grounds specified in article 13.2 of Law 38/2003 regarding grants.
. They also must submit a certificate of ownership of the bank account in which.

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