Results.. 2016 International Cartoon Competition on Environmental Protection, Beijing, China..

2016 International Cartoon Competition on Environmental Protection, Beijing, China..
The 11th International Environmental Cartoon and Illustration Contest was co-organized by China Daily,
The 11th International Environmental Cartoon and Illustration Contest was co-organized by China Daily, UNEP, WWF, Ministry of Environmental Protection, China Environmental Protection Foundation and China News and Cartoon Research Society, China Daily
Network, 21st Century English newspaper, the new Man net, the world environment magazine host of international cartoon competitions.
This competition from November 2016 start of the competition, as of December end of submission, after one and a half months of solicitation, received a total of 35 countries of the contribution of more than 5,000 pieces.
After a careful assessment of the judges, a total of selected social group 1 Gold, Silver 2, Bronze 3, 50 Excellence Award; Student Gold Award 1, Silver 2, Bronze 3, 50 Excellence Award .
Theme: “Innovation & Sustainable Development” Focus on the theme of the competition, though contributions relating to environment protection are also accepted.

Award Winners:
Social group gold medal
"Bar code" Yang Lijie
Social Group Silver Award
"No title" Abbas Naaseri, Prof. Amir Ahmad Dehghani
"Monster footprints" Chen Jing
Social Group Bronze Award
"Mother" Musa GUMUS
"No title" DORU AXINTE
"The new green water Qingshan map" Zhu Jin

Social Group Excellence Award (in alphabetical order)
"Pollution in agriculture" Makhmudjon Eshonkulov
"New three fork" Zhang Jianhua
"Puzle Peace" Jitet Kustana
"Speaker with sound" Li Erbao Zhang Jing
"Importance of the Industry" Kaan Saatci
"Mother" saeedsadeghi
"The same series of life" Zhang Dinglong
"Miss Earth 's daily" fat sheep
"No title" fakhredin dostmohamad
City Decompression Green Travel "
"Pick up" Bi Li Ge
"Innovation & Sustainable Development" RAED KHALIL
"Guide to the Road" Cui Jiande
"Imbalance" Zhao Bin
"Variation" Sun Demin
"Environmental" Hamid Ghalijari
"No title" Akbar Torabpour
"Looking for water" Gao Xiaojian
"Green and shallow purple" Zhang Wenfa
"Untitled" Zhang Chao
"No title" Aleksandar Petrikanovic
"Mutation" Hao Yanpeng
"Haze all have copies of" Xiao Jian
"Bullfighting" Efat Amjadipoo "Longing for the Blue Sky" Song
City Impression Wu Jinpeng
"Environment" mozhdeh malek oghli
"Untitled" Yu Zhijun
"No title" Anatoliy Stankulov
"I want to breathe" Chen Ying Shuang Ni Taile
"Bound" Du Meng
"Specious" Li Jingshan
"Green life" Canon ads
"Where is my home" Dong Qian really
"Search Jade Paper - Paper - cut Low - carbon Life"
"Protection of marine resources" Zheng Lei
"Smoke" Rafael Corrêa
"No title" ronaldo
"Symbiosis" Li Mingliang
"Trachoma" Wang Xianzhong
"Haze under the protection of only the" natural "" Coke
"Water is OK" Chen Yao
"Air-dry" iman nouri najafi
"No title" Dariush mehrdelan-ghanattt035
"Makino mind" Cai Zhichao
"Endless" Huang Qigong
"No title" mahmoud barkhordari
"Care for Animals" Niu Mingming Zhang Tao -
Untitled - Hu Wei "Untitled - Hu Wei
"Step beyond" Chen Jine

Student Group Gold Award
"Dear you ah" Shandong Institute of Arts and Crafts Chen Xiaofan 
Student Group Silver Award
"Electricity" Wuhan University of Engineering Zheng Wei 
"Environmental degradation series" China University of Geosciences Li Yue 
Student Group Bronze Award
"Chimney Hill map" Zhongshan Vocational and Technical College Peng Juncong 
"Down" Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Li Min Yang Chen towel
"Protection of Animals - Mechanical World" Nanjing University Jinling College Wu Lingyu

Student Excellence Award (in alphabetical order)
"Technopolis" University of Marie Curie-Sklodowska in Lublin Kamil Jerzyk
"Pollution" Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts
"A Dream" Hong Kong Polytechnic University
"Miss Nostalgia" Hu Xueyao from Shanghai Jiaotong University
"Your fairy tale, I come to guard" Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics warm
"Sustainable Development - Green City" China Academy of Art Duan Kai - lin
"Sewing" Hangzhou Normal University Jin Peiqi
"Night Star" Beijing Institute of Technology Peng Biying
"Animal World" South Central University for Nationalities to Yue Li Xinran Luo Hao
"My daily environmental protection" Jianghan University Chen Yiqing
"Wuhan Institute of Business" Mao Yanfei
"Draw the hearts of the beautiful" Northwestern University Institute of modern Lin Yannan
"Create Green" Wuhan Huaxia Institute of Technology Pei Hu Chun
"Kiki 's toys" Liaoning Normal University, Zou Xiuwen
"Leather" Liaoning Normal University Hu Yi
"No title" Stefan Pleskonjic
"Every year more than" Liaoning Normal University Film and Television Art Liu Jia Yun
"2070" series of illustrations Jilin Institute of animation Nie Huizheng
"City Pollution" Guangdong University of Finance and Economics Huang Qianwen
"Changbai new environment" series of illustrations Jilin animation institute Fang Na
"For the Earth to cool down" Northeast Agricultural University Fu Jiating
"Gnawing" Inner Mongolia Normal University Guo Jian
"Qianshan birds fly, thousands of tracks were off" Shihezi University Liu Rui Xin
"Reality" Nanchang Institute of Technology College of Humanities and Arts Fan Xuefei
"Harmonious Homeland" Zhao Ye, Jiangxi Normal University
"" Half "series of environmental illustrations" Wuhan Institute of Business Hu Fei
"Survival" Jiangxi Normal University Cai Cai's sister
"Mechanical insects" Guangdong University of Finance Wang Yue
"Environmental series illustrations" Liaoning Normal University Xia Jingwen
"Shark of the War" Wuhan Institute of Business Chen Xin
"Green Life" Zhang Dawei, South China Agricultural University
"Interdependence" Ya pear of Guangdong Shaoguan University
"Against pollution" Jiangsu Building Vocational and Technical College Peng Yu
"Environmental crisis" Changshu Institute of Technology Donghu campus early sunny
Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Beijing, China. Mirza Nasir Baig
"I'm looking for my mother" Xu Xuan, Nanjing Normal University
Songling Yu, Jinling College, Nanjing University
"Ocean rhythm" Kunming University of Technology Zhang boat
"Concerned about water pollution" Shanghai University Fine Arts Institute in Qihe
"Haze" Overseas Chinese University Qin Hongting
"Wake up" Tong Xiu Mei Tongren College
"A better tomorrow" Northwestern University Institute of Modern Wei Menglu
"Thinking Green" Zong Guangzhi, Shandong Institute of Arts and Crafts
"Flower of Life" Liaocheng University, Academy of Fine Arts,
"Colorful Four Seasons Story" Weinan Normal College Section Lin Mu
"Filling station" Yili Teachers College Wu Feifei
"No title" Jovan Turcinovic knjiga
"Selfish city to capture the natural life" Zhongshan Vocational and Technical College, Lan was added
"Care" of the Central Academy of Fine Arts School of Stone Lin
"Love the Earth, to a one - time Say No" Pui Ching College, Guangdong Province, Liu Yu