Exhibition.. Roger PENWILL (UK)

From 29 January till 02 April 2017, Kruishoutem, Belgium..

Roger lives in a village in the English countryside near Wales. 

Roger lives in a village in the English countryside near Wales. The nearest town is Ludlow in Shropshire. He moved there in 1999 to become a full-time freelance cartoonist after working for many years as an architect in London and living in its suburbia.

His cartoons have been published worldwide and book collections of his cartoons have been published in the UK, USA and China. He has held one-man exhibitions in the UK, Turkey, Poland and the Czech Republic

He has been a judge in international cartoon competitions in the UK, Turkey, Ukraine, Northern Cyprus, Romania and Greece and also has won prizes in many cartoon contests. 

In the UK his work has appeared in books, newspapers and magazines, on calendars, greetings cards, Christmas cards and in publicity and promotional material for major companies.(>>> More..)