Temporary Results.. Euro-kartoenale, 2017, Kruishoutem, Belgium

21th Euro-Kartoenale European Cartoon Contest 2017, Kruishoutem, Belgium.. Theme: “The Soul”..
First of all we really like to thank you for your contribution to the Euro-kartoenale ‘The Soul’. 
First of all we really like to thank you for your contribution to the Euro-kartoenale ‘The Soul’. 781 cartoonist of 82 different countries did take part in this years edition.
So it was not an easy task for the jury to make a choice.
We are very happy to announce you that the jury did select one of your drawings as a prize winner.
Who did win which prize will only be announced at the prize winning ceremony on Saturday the 8th of April 2017.
We like to invite you for this occasion to Belgium for 4 days / 3 nights (all inclusive) unfortunatly the travel cost will be on your own budget.
So we are really looking forward to welcome you during the opening weekend.
You can find the names (in alfabetical order) of all the nominees for the prizes and honorable mentions:

Jean-Loic BELOM, France
Joao Basco Jaco De AZEVEDO, Brasil
Mihai IGNAT, Romania
Marilena NARDI, Italy
Peter NIEUWENDIJK, Netherlands
Stefaan PROVIJN, Belgium
Jean-Claude SALEMI, Belgium
Saman TORABI, Iran

Congrats and hoop to see you soon,