Exhibition.. Roman MONTESINOS

Museum House of Humor and Satire Exhibition, Gabrovo, Bulgaria, February 2, 2017..
Roman Montesinos
“Irrealidades reales” – Real Unrealities Exhibition
Museum “House of Humor and Satire”. Gabrovo (Bulgary)

Roman Montesinos
“Irrealidades reales” – Real Unrealities Exhibition
Museum “House of Humor and Satire”. Gabrovo (Bulgary)

February 2, 2017
The museum “HOUSE OF HUMOUR AND SATIRE” (Gabrovo, Bulgary), became reality on April 1st, 1972. The "engine-driver" who actually brought this grand initiative to fruition was the House's first director STEFAN FURTUNOV (1926-2010). 

Since  1970s the town of Gabrovo was famed for hosting a National Festival of Humour and Satire that encompassed a carnival procession, national and international cartoon exhibitions, an International Biennial of Cartoon and Small Sculpture, etc. 

As soon as it opened doors, the House of Humour and Satire took upon the organization of all these events in the years to come. These days the House of Humour and Satire continues carrying out its MISSION - "to encourage the creation of humorous art works by holding international and national competitions, exhibitions and other fora; to preserve and popularize the world humour heritage recognizing the identuty and humour traditions of each nation; to mediate through the power of universal humour and throw bridges between opposing sides in the name of tolerance, understanding and mutual respect amid the peoples in the world."


Irrealidades reales (Real Unrealities) shows a collection of photographs which establish a symbiosis between objects in search of a metaphor, a universe in which contingences drive to aphorisms and transport towards imaginary visions where humour, social critic and/or irony are conductor wires. Sometimes, the association of disparate objects can appear all of a sudden, random or contingent, when finding an object in any place. 

On the contrary, other times, the association is sought-after by holding an object and leaving one’s mind fly in search of a new image consisted of both. Each photograph in Irrealidades reales has its own title, but every observer –his ability and his experiences—who will give rise to different interpretations. The human mind composes kaleidoscopes from a single image.


Román Montesinos (Corunna, Spain), is a geologist and professor in the University of A Corunna. 

His speciality is palaeontology, which determined his way of thinking when establishing critical parallelisms amongst forms, searching for analogies and differences. 

A long learning has led him to photography many years ago. Almost 50 solo exhibitions, many group exhibitions and artistic-photographic projects gave him a place amongst creators of images.

In the work he shows in the Museum House of Humour and Satire he keeps his line of research and exhibition –visual metaphors—, which the author has been developing as a creative project for many years and has been related to the “visual poetry” of Joan Brossa or Chema Madoz, references in this kind of photography in Spain. 

The author proposes to the viewer a game based on allusions and contingencies amongst objects, a dialog between viewer and author in which the first ones is free to reinterpret the works showed adapting them to his own way of thinking. Though they have been described “visionary images”, they belong rather to the metaphor area. They are naked photographs in which objects are the main characters on white, black or neutral backgrounds, showing the concept without distraction. The image crashes directly into the eyes and the viewer’s minds generates a reaction.