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The World Illustration Awards 2017, London, England

Please note that a "hanging fee" for inclusion in the exhibition and tour might be due. (£75 for AOI members or £100, plus VAT if applicable)..

Illustration (C) Daria Pertilli

The World Illustration Awards are open to illustrators in any country working in any medium or context.

Work must be entered as either a New Talent entry or a Professional entry.
New Talent entrants are Undergraduate Students, Post-Graduate Students or graduates within two years of graduation. Professional entrants are all other professional illustrators.
Work can be entered by the creator of the work (illustrator, student /new graduate) or by any third party such as an Agent, Designer, College, Publisher or Commissioner.
Members of the AOI staff, board, and patrons are not eligible to enter the competition. Work commissioned by the AOI is not eligible for the competition.

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Work entered for the competition must have been created or published between 1st January 2016 to close of competition February 2017*. Work in any medium can be entered in any category.

Entries can either be:
Single Image Entry (one upload per entry) or
Multiple Image Entry (up to five related uploads per entry). Multiple Entries should be used to showcase different elements of the same project (multiple illustrations, spreads from a book and so on).
Professional entries must have been commercially commissioned for all categories except Self-Initiated Work. If you don’t provide commissioning details the work will be moved to Self-Initiated before judging.
New Talent entries do not have to be commercially commissioned and should be entered into the category that is most relevant to the work. For example, a college project creating a picture book should be entered as a New Talent entry in the Children's Book Category.
Work must be entered into one of the 8 categories. These are very broadly defined to welcome work of all types and in all contexts where illustration is used. If you are unsure which category to enter please please check the categories page.


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1) All category winners will receive a comlimentary software package from the Design Category sponsor, Affinity Designer.
2) All category winners will receive a year's free AOI membership.
3) We now accept payments in three currencies: GB Pound £, US Dollar $ and Euro €. See rates below.
• GB Pounds - £25 per Single Entry; £45 per Multiple Entry
• Euro - €30 per Single Entry; €54 per Multiple Entry
• US Dollar - $33 per Single Entry; $60 per Multiple Entry 
Conversion rates apply for entries made in other currencies. Please check with your bank.
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Midday (UK time) Monday 6 February 2017
Call for Entry closes
March/April 2017 
Judges select shortlist and Winners
May/June 2017
Shortlisted work announced
July 2017
Category Winners announced
August 2017
Awards Ceremony
Awards Exhibition opens at Somerset House
Awards Catalogue published
October 2017
Exhibition starts national and potentially international tour

Download the competition Terms & Conditions and Guidelines for Applicants here.
* Entries for the World Illustration Awards must have been created or published from January 2016 until the close of the call for entries of the competition.
Please note that a "hanging fee" for inclusion in the exhibition and tour might be due. (£75 for AOI members or £100, plus VAT if applicable)
If you still have any queries, even after reading all available info and FAQs, please contact us for advice.

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