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3rd MIKS 2017 "Ancient Astronauts" Sisak, Croatia

The works for the contest ‘Poster’ will be accepted from 1st December 2016 to 25th February 2017.. New Deadline: June 01, 2017..

February 25, 2017
June 01, 2017
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The works for the contest ‘Poster’ will be accepted from 1st December 2016 to 25th February 2017.. New Deadline: June 01, 2017..
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Friday 02.12.2016 CartoonColors
Dear friends and colleagues, The International Association of Cartoonists ‘MIKS’ is inviting tenders to create the poster for the 3rd International Cartoon Exhibition MIKS 2017.
The topic of the 3rd MIKS 2017 is: Ancient astronauts!

The truth is around us! Or maybe not? Do you believe in ancient aliens or in Gods? What is the origin of human race? Were we created by Gods or ancient aliens? Where did they come from? Why did they leave? Where did they go? What was their goal? Are humans aliens on planet Earth? What is the secret of UFOs? Who built the pyramids? Do alien civilisations exist? What would happen if we contacted them?

The cartoonists’ task is to create their work based on those topics.

The task for the portrait cartoonists is to draw people who have created the theory of ancient aliens or people who claimed there are ancient civilisations in the Universe, like Erich von Däniken, Carl SAGAN, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, Stephen HAWKING, Nikola TESLA, Neil deGrasse TYSON, George NOORY, David Hatcher CHILDRESS.. 
Therefore, the topic of the contest for the poster is Ancient astronauts!

The works for the contest ‘Poster’ will be accepted from 1st December 2016 to 25th February 2017.
NEW DEADLINE: June 01, 2017

The works have to be digitally processed in order to be used for different sizes of posters and banners. 
Your works have to be in the A3 form (300 dpi).
Depending on the idea the work can be black and white or in colour.
Works should be sent to an e-mail address cartoonmiks@gmail.com
The author of the work chosen to represent the 3rd MIKS 2017 on the poster will receive a 
120 Euro prize and a Letter of thanks from MIKS association.

The work will also be published in the exhibition catalogue.

The work remains in the ownership of MIKS association and will be used to promote cartoons and presented on exhibitions around the world.Please enclose your personal information with your work;
Name and surname, home address, city and the post code, state, e-mail, phone number and bank account number.
Sincerely,Nenad OSTOJIC

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