RWS Contemporary Watercolour Competition, London, England

Deadline: January 16, 2017.. The Royal Watercolour Society.. This application pack contains all the information that you need to know regarding the submission, exhibition and sale of your work in the Royal Watercolour Society’s Contemporary Watercolour Competition 2017. Please read through it carefully...

RWS Contemporary Watercolour Competition, London, England..

This application pack contains all the information that you need to know regarding the 
submission, exhibition and sale of your work in the Royal Watercolour Society’s Contemporary Watercolour Competition 2017. Please read through it carefully before submitting your work. 
If you do have any questions which are not answered here, please refer to the FAQs on the Competition page at www.royalwatercoloursociety.co.uk
If you are still unable to find an answer to your questions please email info@banksidegallery.com

RWS Contemporary Watercolour Competition 2017
The Royal Watercolour Society’s annual competition is open to all artists except RWS Members. Entries must be submitted digitally via the website. Work made in any water-based medium on a paper support is eligible: this includes gouache, acrylic paint, ink or watercolour. A maximum ofpaintings may be submitted for a fee of £14 per work with reductions on multiple submissions.Students are able to submit 3 works for a fee of £5. The Royal Watercolour Society wishes to encourage artists who have a strong personal vision and an innovative approach to watercolour.
To enter artists must complete the online entry form and upload images of up to 6 recent 
paintings to the Royal Watercolour Society’s website. These digital submissions are selected by a panel of judges whose decision is final.

- Any work watercolour, acrylic, gouache, ink or any other water-based media
- All work should be on a paper support (not canvas, wood, plastic or any other surface)
- There are no limitations on style or subject matter
- Framed works must not exceed 100 x 100cm
- The painting must have been completed in the past four years
- The work must have been made by the entrant
- All work must be for sale

The Judging Panel 
- Sacha Craddock | Independent Art Critic, Writer & Curator 
- Piers Feetham | Gallerist, Piers Feetham Gallery, London 
- Thomas Plunkett | RWS President 
- Jill Leman | RWS Vice President 
- Peter Quinn | RWS Member 
- Jane Lewis | RWS Associate Member

Royal Watercolour Society Prizes
- David Gluck Memorial Award: £750 Cash Prize 
- David Gluck & RWS Award: £250 Cash Prize 
- Royal Watercolour Society Award: £500 Cash Prize 
- Royal Watercolour Society Exhibitions Award: Exhibit in RWS Spring and Autumn Exhibitions 
- RWS Publicity Prize: Your selected work on exhibition printed publicity material

Sponsored Prizes
The Royal Watercolour Society is delighted to have the support of renowned art industry 
specialists who are offering a range of prizes including art materials, studio time, publishing, 
exhibiting and cash prizes.

How to Enter
Competition opens: Tuesday 11 October 2016, 12 noon
Competition deadline: Monday 16 January 2017, 12 midnight
Artists may submit up to 6 recent paintings for a non-refundable fee:
1 work £14
2 works £28
3 works £37 (£5 discount)
4 works £46 (£10 discount)
5 works £55 (£15 discount)
6 works £59 (£25 discount)

Students can submit up to 3 works for £5 (please email a scan/photo of your student ID to info@banksidegallery.com. We will respond with a unique entry code)

Watercolour Artist Friends can submit for free (please email your Friends ID number to 
info@banksidegallery.com for your free entry code).

Step 1
Take a good quality digital photograph or scan of each painting. Paintings should be 
photographed unframed and evenly lit, and cropped to the edge of the work.
Step 2
View the photograph on a computer to make sure you are happy with the picture quality - the judges will make their decision based on this photograph. Check the image file does not exceed 2MB (minimum of 1MB) before saving it as a JPG.
Step 3 
Go to  www royalwatercoloursociety.co.uk and select ‘Competition’ to access the online entry form. Fill in your details here. You must supply an email address to proceed, as this is how we will contact you if your work is selected. If you do not have an email address you may use that of a friend or relative, with their permission. We cannot accept entries without an email address.
Step 4
Upload a photograph of each painting to the website and fill in the title, framed dimensions, 
medium and price of each painting. You are able to re-access your entry until the closing date but you will not be able to make any changes after that point. You should consider framing, transport costs and the Gallery’s commission of 40% + VAT when pricing your work.
Step 5 
Pay the non-refundable entry fee using the secure online payment service. We are unable to accept payment by any other means. Acknowledgement of your entry and payment will be emailed to you.
A list of paintings selected for the exhibition will be published on the RWS website on Friday 27 January. Artists whose work has been selected will be sent an email confirming arrangements for the exhibition. If your work does not appear on the list of selected paintings you will not receive any further correspondence from us about this competition, but we would like keep you informed about future competitions, exhibitions and events.
Please contact Bankside Gallery if you would prefer not to receive further information from us.
Preparing Your Paintings for Exhibition
An exhibition of selected paintings will be held at Bankside Gallery from Friday 3 - Wednesday 15 March
- Poorly presented paintings or works that differ significantly from the photograph that was 
entered will not be accepted.
- Framed paintings must not exceed 100cm x 100cm.
-For your work to be insured against theft under Bankside Gallery insurance, your paintings must be framed, glazed and fitted with mirror plates. Other display options are welcomed but you display these works at your own risk.
- If you chose alternative display options you must also ensure that your works can be safely stored and you must provide a safe and secure way in which they can be wrapped and protected if sold. You must also provide clear instructions on the hanging of your work.
- Framed paintngs must be supplied with mirror -plates screwed to each side of the frame with a pair of screws. Bubble wrap or card wrapped around the mirror-plates should prevent damage during transit.
You will receive labels via email for your works. Please fill out the information with the details of your work and fix one to the front and one to the back of your work with magic tape. Please make sure the label on the front can be easily removed.
The paintngs remain at all times the liability of the artist. While every care will be taken when handling paintings, neither the Gallery nor the RWS can accept liability for any damage. You may wish to insure your work against loss or damage while it is in transit or at the Gallery.
Delivering Your Paintings
Delivery of framed paintings is to Bankside Gallery on Sunday 26 or Monday 27 February, 11am-5pm. Paintings may not be delivered on any other date. On arrival at the Gallery you will be asked to un-wrap your paintings and to take any packing material away with you.
You may arrange for a representative or professional art courier to deliver your paintings on the above hand-in days. They must un-wrap your paintings, take away all packaging and sign a delivery sheet.
Only professional Art Couriers should be used. We recommend:

Picture Post (picturepost@btinternet.com / 01302 711 011),
Art Moves of Chelsea (artmoveschelsea@aol.com / 020 7352 7492)
South Hams Express (dave.allen500@btinternet.com / 01803 551368 / 07502041139).

Work will not be accepted if delivered by Royal Mail, FedEx, DHL etc., or by taxi as they do not have specialist art insurance nor are they able to unwrap works and remove packaging.
Sale of Paintings
All paintings entered in the competition must be available for sale. The Gallery levies a 
commission of 40% + VAT on picture sales. You will be notified of sales by email shortly after they occur and will receive the balance due within six weeks of the end of the exhibition.
Copyright: The copyright of all works remains vested in the artist, but the right is reserved for Bankside Gallery and/or the sponsors of the exhibition to reproduce any of the paintings in connection with the exhibition, and its publicity, free of charge.
Collecting Unsold Paintings
Collection of unsold painting is from Bankside Gallery on Thursday 16 March, 11am – 7pm unless you have been notified of a sale during the exhibition you must collect your unsold work from Bankside Gallery on the above date.
If you are unable to come to the Gallery yourself you may send a representative or engage a professional art courier. They should bring a signed letter from you authorising us to release your aintings. All paintings will be available to collect unwrapped, so you or your representative are advised to bring any packing material required.
Uncollected Paintings
Paintings left at the Gallery after 7pm on Thursday 16 March will be removed by Art Moves of Chelsea. You should contact them on 020 7352 7492 to make an appointment to collect your work and pay their storage fee of £20 per work, for the first week (part or whole). The cost increases by £5 per week.
RWS Elections
The RWS encourages successful entrants to the Contemporary Watercolour Competition to apply for Associate Membership of the Society. All applications are online and submissions close on Monday 13 March, 12 noon. You can find more information about the Election procedure here
Tuesday 11 October, midday | Competition Opens for Entries
Monday 16 January, 12 midnight | Entry Deadline
Friday 27 January | Results are posted on the RWS website, successful artists contacted via email
Sunday 26 & Monday 27 February, 11am-5pm | Delivery of successful entries to Bankside Gallery
Thursday 2 March, 6-8pm | Private View and awarding of prizes at Bankside Gallery
Friday 3 – Wednesday 15 March, 11am-6pm | Exhibition of successful entries at 
Bankside Gallery
Monday 13 March | Deadline for RWS Election Applications
Thursday 16 March, 11am-7pm | Collection of unsold paintings after the exhibition from Bankside Gallery
Thank you for entering your work into the
RWS Contemporary Watercolour Competition 2017!
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