Results.. Olense Kartoenale 2016, Olen, Belgium

The main theme is ‘Sports from start to finish’..

First Prize:
Chuntra TAWAN

The main theme is ‘Sports from start to finish’. This year Amnesty International offers a special prize to the best cartoon with theme ‘Right to medical assistance’.
A total of 340 cartoonists from 55 countries participated. Together which yielded 1,089 submitted cartoons.

Winners adult category:
1st prize "the pewter pot ': Chuntra TAWAN, Thailand
2nd Prize 'copper pot': Jovo SKOMAC, Serbia
3rd prize 'earthen pot': Heidarpanah MOJTABA, Iran
4th prize 'Inkwell': Mehdi AZIZI, Iran
price city Bialogard: Karolina GMITEREK, Poland

Winners youth category:
1st prize: Yuan Yi LIN, China
2nd prize: Rojina FETANAT, Iran
3rd prize: Melissa WELSH, Turkey
4th prize: Nina KHMELYOVA, Russia

Exhibition and catalog
The exhibition of the Olen Kartoenale is to view December 31 in the chamber during the opening hours of the town hall. The winning cartoons and many other entries are also bundled in a beautiful color catalog. This compilation is for sale for 12 Euros at the reception of the town hall and Leisure in social housing.

2nd Prize: