International Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba, invite Women Cartoonists 2017, Brazil

"LIPSTICK, AND PENCIL TPM 2017" --- an exhibition of cartoons, caricatures, cartoons, illustrations, and comic strips.

Piracicaba / BRAZIL
February 13, 2017
(P & @ )

Prefeitura de Piracicaba | Secretaria da Ação Cultural CEDHU Piracicaba
Batom, Lápis & TPM - mostra 2017 – (Lipstick, Pencil and PMS 2017)
Batom, Lápis & TPM - mostra 2017 – (Lipstick, Pencil and PMS 2017)

The National Center for Documentation, Research and Dissemination of Graphic Humor of
Piracicaba (CEDHU) and the International Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba, invite women cartoonists to participate in the seventh edition of "Lipstick, pencil and PMS."

"Lipstick, pencil and PMS," is an exhibition of arts was held since 2011 in Piracicaba/SP --- Brazil, which proposes to encourage and provide space for artists (amateur and professional) in Brazil and overseas to display their graphic productions in the celebrations and reflections of the International Women's Day.

"LIPSTICK, AND PENCIL TPM 2017" --- an exhibition of cartoons, caricatures, cartoons,
illustrations, and comic strips.
Date of opening: March 11, 2017 , Saturday*, 04 p.m.
Exposure period: March 12 to April 09, 2017
Parque do Engenho Central
Wharehouse 5 Sugar Museum
next to the Pensil Bridge
Piracicaba – Sao Paulo - Brazil

a) To participate, the artist must submit, along with the work, the application form provided by the
organization completed legibly and signed. ((to validate the subscription, all the datas must be filled)
b) The works (up to 3 per artist) can be sent via mail or e---mail (jpeg format and 300 dpi).

Email address: tpm@salaodehumor.piracicaba.sp.gov.br
Mail Address: 
Av. Maurice Allain, 
454 – P.O. Box 12
Zip Code 13405---123

Parque do Engenho Central – Brazil ((will be considerated the date of posting)
c) The theme and the graphical technique are free. Sculptures will be accepted. Maximum formats: on paper --- A3; sculptures - 42cm (height) x 30cm (depth) x 30 cm (width).

d) Deadline for entries: February, 13, 2017.

e) The simple inscription implies to the artist, the automatic assignment of copyright (s) to work (s) for
publication and reproduction in any medium physical and digital, available to them, aiming to
promote the event.

Contact CEDHU:
+55-19-3403.2615 / 3403.2620/ 3403.2621 
Rules & FORM - PDF:

Entry Form:
Entry FORM