Legnica International Exhibition Satyrykon – Legnica 2016, Poland

September – November 2016.. This time, 741 authors from 58 countries sent more than 2.5 thousand works, of which 200 will be displayed in the Museum of Caricature. .

Post-competition presentation of the best works of artists from around the world, participants of Satyrykon 2016 - 39th edition of the competition organized by the Legnica Cultural Centre together with the Cultural-Social Fundation Satyrykon. 

After the show, which took place in June this year in Legnica, the exhibition goes to the Museum of Caricature in Warsaw. 

For many years Satyrykon enjoyed enormous popularity among artists. This time, 741 authors from 58 countries sent more than 2.5 thousand works, of which 200 will be displayed in the Museum of Caricature. 

Every year there is an overall theme for the participants, 'Satire and Jokes' and an additional special theme. 

This year it was 'evil'. 

Among the presented drawings, photos and graphics there will be works by such artists as Gerhard GEPP (Austria)
Grzegorz MYCA (Poland)
Houmayoun MAHMOUDI (England)
Jerzy GKUSZEK (Poland)
Łukasz KLIS (Poland)
Aristides Hernandez ARES (Cuba)
Mihai IGNAT (Romania)
Alessandro GATTO (Italy)
Andrea PECCHIA (Italy)
Lex DREWINSKI (Poland / Germany)
Ilya KATZ (Israel)
Blagovesta TSVETKOV (Bulgaria)
Izabela Kowalska-WIECZOREK (Poland)
Břetislav KOVAFIK (Czech Republic)
Thomas WIATER (Poland).


Poster design: Agata DUDEK