Results.. 3th Road Safety 2016, Russia

III International cartoons contest on road safety Russian Federation, Tyumen – 2016..
Number of participants: 266
Number of participating countries: 35 (Iran, Turkey, India,

Results.. 3th Road Safety 2016, Russia
Number of participants: 266

Number of participating countries: 35 (Iran, Turkey, India,
Azerbaijan, China, Brazil, Romania, Poland, Montenegro, Sudan, Estonia, Mexico, France, Syria, Czech Republic,
Peru, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Portugal, Germany, Cuba, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Israel, Greece, Lebanon, Austria, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and 22 regions of the Russian Federation)

Winners among adults cartoonists:
1st place - Ilya KATZ - Israel
2nd place - Hamid GHALIJANI - Iran
3rd place - Alexander KHOROSHEVSKY - Moscow, Russia

It is also recognized as the best works of the artists:
Horia CRISAN & Bogdan PETRY - Romania
Mahmudjon ESHONKULOV - Uzbekistan
Valery CHMYREV - Ukraine
Semerenko VLADIMIR - Russia, St. Petersburg
Nikolai RACHKOV - Moscow, Russia
Nikolai SVIRIDENKO - Uzbekistan
Dmitry KOROLEV - Russia, Tyumen

Winners among children:
1st place - Nikolay KOROLYOV – 12 years - Russia, Tyumen
2nd place - Bavrina MARIA - 14 years - in Russia, Smolensk region
3rd place - Hamidulin SAVELY - 8 years - Russia, Tyumen Region, Tobolsk

It is also recognized as the best work of young artists:
Polina LISOVSKAYA - 10 years – Russia, Snezhinsk (Cartoonists Club "Cranberry")
Fedor CHERNYSHEV - 6 years – Russia, Ozersk (Cartoonists Club "Cranberry")
Adriana ZOLCHENKO - 11 years – Russia, Irkutsk region
Artem HALIMULLIN - 11 years – Russia, Ozersk (Cartoonists Club "Cranberry")
Alexey PETROV - 15 years – Russia, Snezhinsk (Cartoonists Club "Cranberry")
Ulugova OYDIN - 17 years - Uzbekistan
Uskova SVETLANA - 9 years – Russia, Volgograd

- Vice-chairman of the Tyumen Regional Duma G.S. KOREPANOV 
- Chief state inspector of traffic safety of the Tyumen region M.N. KISELEV
- Cartoonist, illustrator, member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and Co-Chairman of the Association of Writers for Children and Youth at the Russian joint venture of the Russian Federation S. REPYOV
- Cartoonist E.KRAN
- Deputy Director for registration and storage of items of the Center exposition and exhibition activity "The museum complex named I.YA Slovtsov" T.A. SERGEICHUK

Thank you for your participation in the contest!
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