21 Ağustos 2016 Pazar

Results.. 12th International Cartoon Exhibition "SOLIN, 2016", Croatia

12th International Exhibition of Caricatures "Solin 2016"..

Results.. 12th International Cartoon Exhibition "SOLIN, 2016", Croatia
At this exhibition is regularly accept a leading global pen cartoons with the default theme of archeology and free motifs.
This year, to address the House of Culture Zvonimir arrived karikaturističkih 416 works of more than 300 authors from 41 countries, and an expert committee, with Nikola Listeš at the helm, our most awarded cartoonists in the world, decided that the Grand Prix goes to Poland, Laureate is Isabela KOWALSKA. Festival diplomas were awarded to: Jitet Koestana (Indonesia), Darko DRLJEVIC (Montenegro), Slobodan BUTIR (Croatia), Musa GUMUS (Turkey) and Mark RAMOS (USA).

Grand Prize- Isabela KOWALSKA, Poland
Festival diplomas:
Jitet KOESTANA, Indonesia
Darko DRLJEVIC, Montenegro
Slobodan BUTIR, Croatia 
Musa GUMUS, Turkey