7th International Cartoon Competition in Berlin 2016 Germany

NEW DEADLINE: 17th July. The theme of the competition is "RUBBISH"..

Berlin / GERMANY
July 10, 2016
July 17, 2016
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7th International Cartoon Competition in Berlin 2016 Germany
The theme of the competition is "RUBBISH"..
The KURTKUNST Gallery and LIMES Image Agency invite cartoonists from all over the world to participate in the 7th International Cartoon Competition in Berlin 2016. The theme of the competition is "RUBBISH".

Cartoons can be submitted to following sub-themes:
● Coffee to go
● Plastic Bags
● Waste Separation
● The contest is open to all cartoonists
● The theme of the contest 2014 is: RUBBISH (Coffee to go / Plastic Bags / Waste Separation)
● The beginning: 25th April 2016
● The deadline: 10th July 2016

NEW DEADLINE: 17th July 2016

● Number of cartoons: maximum of 2 works per sub-theme
● Cartoons have to be sent to us only in digital format: 
   minimum: 500 KB / maximum: 25 MB 
   file format: JPG, color mode: RGB

Prizes and Awards
1st Prize: 1000 € + Golden He-Goat + Certificate 
2nd Prize: 800 € + Silver He-Goat + Certificate 
3rd Prize: 500 € + Bronze He-Goat + Certificate

Audience Award: 500 € + Certificate
Special Prizes

Coffee to go 
Worldwide, around 23 billions single-use cups are sold and thrown into landfill sites every year. All together a distance of 2.28 million kilometres, or 57 times around the Earth. The coffee to go cup has become more and more popular. German coffee drinkers use around 6.4 billions disposable cups per year. Their manufacture consumed tons of wood, million litres of water, tons of plastics and a big amount of energy. The cup has a special plastic coating for hot drinks and is therefore difficult to recycle. The environmental impact of coffee cups is enormous.

Plastic Bags 
In the 1950s, people could do their shopping without problems using shopping basket, because at that time there were no plastic bags. Today the global plastic consumption has been estimated at one trillion pieces. The rising plastic bag consumption causes significant damage to the environment. About 90% end up in landfills. Depending on the type of plastic, it takes between 100 and 500 years for a plastic bag to disintegrate. Worldwide every hour about 680 tonnes of waste gets thrown directly into the oceans, more than half of it is made out of plastic. Within the oceans of the world, there are five giant plastic islands. The biggest island is estimated to be about the size of Central Europe.

Waste Separation 
One of the largest rubbish dump is called „Smokey Mountain“, near the Philippine capital Manila. Thousands of people living there and collecting garbage. Without waste separation, recycling and incineration, we will be left with landfills and harmful air emissions. Recycling helps conserve important raw materials and protects natural habitats.


Further information:  www.stiftung-naturschutz.de
Türkçe Versiyonu: Kozyurt Blog
(Source): http://limes-net.com/contest/