Olense Kartoenale 2016, Belgium

Thema 2016 "From Start To Finish"..

Olense Kartoenale 2016, Belgium
Olense Kartoenale 2016, Belgium.. 
Thema 2016 "Sports From Start To Finish"..

Amnesty International award:
Theme: "Right to medical assistance"

Dear Cartoonist,
The Olense Kartoenale has a new online registration system that will enable you to register and submit your entries online.
Please go to www.olensekartoenale.be where you can sign up for participation and upload your entries.
Please donot sendyour entries to kartoenale@olen.be as they will not be accepted.
Kind Regards

The Olense Kartoenale
Hilde Driesmans, beleidsmedewerker Vrije Tijd (cultuur en toerisme)
Lokaal bestuur Olen, Vrije Tijd, 014 27 94 21,
Website: www.olen.be
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