4th Graphic Humor Contest 2016, Alicante, Spain

Comparsa students elda..

Time and deadline for submission of works is the 23,00h of March 31, 2016..

Alicante / SPAIN
March 31, 2016
( P & @ )

Comparsa students elda..

May participationte in the professional artists or amateurs contest anywhere in the world.

Humor and Thematic:
The works submitted must be humorous intent. 2 or thematic categories are established:
- Festera of Moors and Christians
- Free

The presentation will be in paper or digital format. The work has to be publishable paper.
The maximum size will be a proportional or DIN A4 page.

Number of Works:
Cacla participant may submit up to 6 works, 3 category in any of the formats valid

Time and deadline for submission of works is the 23,00h of March 31, 2016
Not accept originals, only copies (digital or print).
The works must be submitted in jpeg format at a resolution of 300 dpi.

An award set by category:
Moors and Christians prize: 200,00 euros
Free themed prize: 200,00 euros

E-mail: humorgrfico@comparsaestudiantes.es
Comparsa Students. Lamberto Amat Street, 22
03600 Elda (Alicante)

Telephone Contact: 635795975