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World Illustration Awards 2016

Call for Entries For Thr World Illustration Awards 2016.. Now Open..

For four decades, the AOI has presented the most comprehensive and significant awards for illustration in the UK. This year, after an incredibly successful first collaboration, we welcome back our international partner, the Directory of Illustration, to build on the success of the inaugural World Illustration Awards, honouring the most inspiring illustration throughout the world.

Work entered into the World Illustration Awards will be reviewed by a jury of distinguished international industry professionals. The competition shortlist reflects exceptional work by illustrators currently making an outstanding contribution to visual culture and is published in full on .

Award winners will be announced at a prestigious ceremony at Somerset House, the major arts and cultural centre in the heart of London. Selected works will be displayed in their spectacular Terrace Rooms, which welcomed over 22,000 visitors during the October 2015 WIA2015 exhibition. Following this, the exhibition tours to multiple venues across the UK – currently at UWSTD Swansea - which receives approximately 40,000 visitors during its run.
Selected works will also be showcased in an accompanying publication, which
will be circulated to all major commissioners of illustration - half of these by
the Directory of Illustration to their high profile American list.

Who Can Enter?

The World Illustration Awards are open to illustrators working in any medium,
context or geographical location. Work must be entered as either a New Talent
entry or a Professional entry.

New Talent entrants are undergraduate students, post-graduate students or
graduates within two years of graduation. Professional entrants are all other
professional illustrators.
Work can be entered by the creator of the work (illustrator themselves) or by any
third party such as an Agent, Designer, College, Publisher or Commissioner.

What Can Be Entered?
Work entered for the competition must have been created or published
between 1st January 2015 to February 2016. Work in any medium can be
entered in any category.

Entries can either be Single Entry (one image per entry) or Multiple Entry (up
to 5 images per entry), including animation URLs. Single or Multiple Entries can
be entered in any category, depending on the size of the project or number of
images within it. Multiple Entries are more expensive and should therefore be
used to showcase different elements of the same project (multiple illustrations,
spreads from a book and so on).

Professional entries must have been commercially commissioned
for all categories except Public Realm and Self-Initiated Work.

New Talent entries do not have to be commercially commissioned and should
be entered into the category that is most relevant to the work. For example, a
college project creating a picture book should be entered as a New Talent entry
in the Children's Book Category.
Work must be entered into one of the 8 Categories. These are very broadly
defined to welcome work of all types and in all contexts where illustration is used.

Cost of Entry
Single Image Entry
UK & EU - £25 (including VAT) per entry
Other Europe and ROW (Rest of the World) - £20.83 (no VAT) per entry -
(approx $33 USD)
Multiple Image Entry (up to 5 related images)
UK & EU - £45 (including VAT) per entry
Other Europe and ROW (Rest of the World) - £37.50 (no VAT) per entry - (approx
$60 USD)

Key Dates
Midday Monday 8 February 2016
Call for Entry closes
May 2016
Shortlisted work announced 
July 2016
Category Winners announced 
September/October 2016
Awards Ceremony
Awards Exhibition opens at Somerset House
Awards Catalogue published
October/November 2016
Exhibition starts national and potentially international tour
Enter at
Association of Illustrators, Somerset House, The Strand, London, WC2R 1LA
Follow us: Twitter: @theaoi Facebook:
in partnership with
images: download the promotional resources from here:

Notes to editor
The Association of Illustrators (AOI) is a non-profit trade association with a
membership that includes freelance illustrators, agents, clients, students and
colleges. Established in 1973, it is the leading body to represent illustrators in
the UK and campaigns for illustrators’ rights, continually working to increase the
professional standing of illustrators, commercially and artistically. The AOI
works to improve contract and contracting practice extended to illustrators by
Website -
Twitter - @theaoi
Awards tag: # WIA2016
Facebook -

The Directory of Illustration is widely regarded as the leading marketing
program for illustrators in the United States. Their website and print resources
are relied on by qualified art buyers from all over the world when they need to
commission illustration.
Website -
Twitter - @DirIllustration
Facebook -
Promotional image by Dan Des Eynon:
For more information please contact Sabine Rei
(Source: The AOI)

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