24° International Hall of Drawing for Press Edition 2016, Porto Alegre, Brazil

This Regulation aims to select artists for the 24th DESIGN INTERNATIONAL HALL PRESS taking place from March 29 to April 242016 in Arcos Gallery at Usina do Gasometer, to stimulate and disseminate in a comprehensive manner, the graphic expression applied to press, and give awards to each of the categories described..

Porto Alegre / BRAZIL
March 01, 2016
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24° International Hall of Drawing for Press Edition 2016, Porto Alegre, Brazil..

Municipality of Porto Alegre Secretary of Culture.. 24° International Hall of Drawing for Press Edition 2016..

salao.press.portoalegre@gmail.com, de 21 de janeiro a 01 de Março de 2016, na forma" The MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT OF PORTO ALEGRE, through the Municipal Department of Culture, announces to interested that you will get by e-mail at:
salao.press.portoalegre@gmail.com of 21 January to 1 March 2016 in the form of Law No. 8666/93 and its subsequent amendments, the documentation for participation in the Contest purposes 001/2015, 24 HALL INTERNATIONAL PRESS FOR DESIGN.
The policy may be obtained from January 14, 2016 at: 
www.porto alegre.rs.gov.br/smc

1.1. This Regulation aims to select artists for the 24th DESIGN INTERNATIONAL HALL PRESS taking place from March 29 to April 24, 2016 in Arcos Gallery at Usina do Gasometer, to stimulate and disseminate in a comprehensive manner, the graphic expression applied to press, and give awards to each of the categories described below.

2.1. salao.press.portoalegre@gmail.com. " Registration can be made on January 21 to March 1, 2016, via e-mail at the address: This email address is being protected from spambots.
2.2. In the email sent to sign the 24th HALL INTERNATIONAL DESIGN FOR PRESS should contain attached:
2.2.1. Application form (Annex I).
2.2.2. Image (s) (s) work (s) to be registered, with reference to the category in which it operates (m).
2.3. Specifications of the image files:
2.3.1. Each image file must be a resolution of at least 200 dpi and a maximum of 300 dpi, and a maximum weight of 10 MB. The work will be printed in A4 format.

3.1. Participants may register in the following categories:
a) Khartoum;
b) Charge;
c) Caricature;
d) Comic; and
e) Editorial Illustration (for newspaper, magazine, book, album cover, poster, etc.).
3.2. Entries in 3.1.e Editorial Illustration mode must have been effectively published between February 2015 to January 2016, and must accompany the scanned copy of the publication dated and identifiable journal name.
3.3. Participants can compete with up to 05 (five) works distributed in any of the five (05) categories.
3.4 Entries in category Comic may have up to five (05) pages.
3.5. It is forbidden the participation of municipal civil servants, Cargo occupants in the Commission, contractors and interns of the City of Porto Alegre, except as jurors.
3.6. Failure to follow the instructions of this Notice will result in disqualification summary of the work.

4.1. The city of Porto Alegre designate by Order published in the Official Gazette of Porto Alegre - DOPA, a Committee of Selection and another Award, formed by cartoonists, journalists, graphic artists, artists and representatives of the Municipal Department of Culture.
4.1.1. The Selection and Awards Committee may receive fees, to be defined later by the Municipal Department of Culture, in the case of budget availability, according to opportunity and convenience criteria, through commitment of note.
4.2. The Selection Committee will have the following criteria:
a) Creativity;
b) Originality;
c) plastic quality of the drawings.
4.2.1. The Jury will assign each work a score in the range 01-05 for each item 4.2 criteria. The minimum score, 01, should be given the discretion that less fit the goals of this competition and the highest score, 05, to that which best suit it. The winners will be those who reach the highest values in the sum of points.
4.3. The Selection and Awards Committee will be sovereign in their decisions.
4.4. The list of selected works will be available from the day 23 March 2016 at: http://www.portoalegre.rs.gov.br/smc/cap/editais
4.5. The ratio of winners will be announced during the opening ceremony of the Hall.
4.6. The Selected and Awarded ratio shall be published in DOPA (Official Gazette of Porto Alegre).
4.7. The decisions of the Commissions will be up administrative appeal filed with the Plastic Arts Coordination within five (05) business days from the date of publication of the result.
4.8. Those selected authorize automatically to the municipality, using the images of the works selected in its institutional advertisements, at no cost to the municipality.

5.1. Cartoon, Political Cartoon, Comic Book, Caricature and Illustration Editorial: 
One (01) prize acquisition in the amount of R $ 2,500.00 (two thousand five hundred reais) to each of the five (05) categories will be awarded. The guiding criteria will again be the creativity, originality and artistic quality of the drawings. May be awarded Honorable Mentions at the discretion of the Awards Committee.
5.2. The awarded works will become part of the Artistic City
5.3. Prizes not claimed within ninety (90) days of publication of the result, will expire.

6.1. Selected works may be used by the Municipality of Porto Alegre, for event reporting purposes, without any cost.
6.2. Enrollment in this competition implies full acceptance of the terms of this Regulation. The cases shall be resolved by the Organizing Committee, in compliance with Law 8666/93.
6.3. According to Law 8666/93, Art.9º, members of the Committees of Selection and Awards as well as the persons mentioned in item 3.4, may not participate in this Contest.
6.4. The costs arising from this contest will run for the budget allocation 1001.2941.3390.31 No, No. No 1001.2941.3390.39 1001.2941.3390.36
6.5. Prizes will be paid after the publication of results and expiry of the appeal period.
6.6. Payment of the award to the winners is subject to the presentation of the following documentation:
a) negative certificate of debt of municipal taxes (only for residents awarded in Porto Alegre / RS);
b) certificate of negative labor debts;
c) registration number with the INSS or the PIS / PASEP;
d) proof of current residence;
e) copy of the CPF and RG;
f) Statement of Non-unsuitability (as model in Annex II).
6.7.Os awards subject themselves to taxes and legal contributions.
6.8. salao.press.portoalegre@gmail.com ">INFORMATION can be obtained from the Coordination of Plastic Arts Pinacoteca Ruben Berta, Rua Duque de Caxias, 973 - 3rd floor (51) from 3224 to 6740 e-mail:. Salao.press.portoalegre@gmail.com

7.1. Publication of the notice: January 14, 2016
7.2. Registration: January 21 to March 1, 2016
7.3. Disclosure of approved and qualified entries: March 4, 2016
 In the Official Gazette of Porto Alegre and www.portoalegre.rs.gov.br/smc site
7.4. Time for appeal: 07 the March 10, 2016
7.4. Jury Selection: March 14, 2016
7.5. Jury Award: March 15, 2016
7.6. Selected of disclosure: 16 March 2016
7.8. Time for appeal 16 to March 23, 2016
7.7. Opening of the Hall and dissemination of winners: March 29, 2016
7.8. Visitation March 30 to April 24, 2016
Porto Alegre, January 13, 2016.
Vinicius Cáurio
Website: Porto Alegre
(Source: Tabriz Cartoons)