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"You The West And The Middle - East", Cartoon Exhibition, Belgium

First Edition Cartoon event in the center of Europe February 2016, MUNTPUNT, Brussels.. Last Day: 15.12.2015.. Linvitation to Cartoonists Worldwide to participate You, the west & the Middle East.. First Edition Cartoon event in the center of Europe February 2016, MUNTPUNT, Brussels..

Brussels / BELGIUM
December 15, 2015
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"You The West And The Middle - East", Cartoon Exhibition, Belgium
Linvitation to Cartoonists Worldwide to participate You, the west & the Middle East.. First Edition Cartoon event in the center of Europe February 2016, MUNTPUNT, Brussels..
Cartoons engage creatively with current affairs. Uniquely capable of zooming in to magnify contradictions or untruths, and zooming out to condense wider connections or greater truths, they constitute a supremely subversive form of expression.
The event "YOU, THE WEST & THE MIDDLE-EAST" provides a forum for the presentation of fierce, uncensored cartoons that force viewers to critically confront and reflect upon mutual understandings and misunderstandings of relations between "the West" and "The Middle East".

Charlie Hebdo, radicalization, IS, the war on terror, drones, the war in Iraq, the refugee crisis ... these developments leave no one untouched, and demonstrate the vital need for greater insight and understanding of what is happening in the world today.

While the success of this event relies on input and perspective from around the world, cartoonists from the Middle East are particularly encouraged to submit their work. If you would like to contribute to this groundbreaking exhibition, please submit a selection of your cartoons (maximum 3) before December 15, 2015. Original work addressing the theme of the exhibition is very welcome, but please feel free to submit previously published or exhibited work.

With your vital input, we are confident of putting together a fascinating event in February 2016. The exhibition will be accompanied by discussions between cartoonists, documentaries, lectures, workshops, and other relevant activities.

For further information regarding registration, submission of your work and other practical matters please click here! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions or concerns about this ambitious exhibition. You can reach us at: cartoon@muntpunt.be
Sincerely - Ward Treunen,
On behalf of The BRussells Tribunal, Muntpunt, The cartoonist, Stripgids, European Cartoon Center, Victoria de Luxe, Menarg, Vrede, Pianofabriek.

YOU THE WEST AND THE MIDDLE-EAST: practical information for Cartoonists
All persons older than 16 years can participate. Deadline for submission is December 15, 
2015A cartoon may consist of one image, or take the form of a short strip. There are no moving images allowed.
Maximum three entries per person, cartoons in black and white or color.
All graphic techniques are allowed; Format: 21 cm x 29.7 cm (DinA4)
The works submitted may have been published or exhibited before. The contributor remains responsible for the originality of his work. Discussions and possible claims concerning all forms of plagiarism etc. are the responsibility of the contributor.
Go to the subscription form on the website. Click here for the form.
Either you can immediately attach your cartoon to the website: The cartoons can have a 
maximum size of an A4 format (21 x 30 cm), at a resolution of 300 dpi, in JPEG format.
Submissions by post to: 

attn. Jan Van der Auwermeulen, Munt 6, 
1000 Brussels (Belgium). 

On the version side of each cartoon has to be mentioned: Title + full name and address (but: first the subscription form on the website must be completed: here) Submitted cartoons will not be returned
With her / his participation the artist agrees that the submitted cartoons are used for the 
exhibition and may be published on the website and possibly be included in a publication on the occasion of the exhibition.
A programmation committee composed of renowned cartoonists and Middle-East experts will ultimately make a selection in order to create and structure a fascinating exhibition.
Submitted cartoons that cannot be included in the exhibition, will be shown digitally.
The selected cartoons will be exhibited during the month of February 2016 in Muntpunt, 
Brussels. The exhibition in Brussels will be accompanied by discussions between cartoonists,  documentaries, lectures, workshops, and other relevant activities.
We also expect that after February 2016, this will be a traveling exhibition in other cities in 
Europe and hopefully also in the Middle East.
For all questions or comments, please mail to: cartoon@muntpunt.be
The cartoon project YOU, THE WEST AND THE MIDDLE-EAST is an initiative of the 
Entry FORM
Rules / PDF
(Source: Light In Time To Come.org)