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The 8th Fadjr International Festival of Visual Arts, Tehran, Iran

The 8th Fadjr International Festival of Visual Arts 2016, Tehran, Iran..

The 8th Fadjr International Festival of Visual Arts, Tehran, Iran

Tehran / IRAN
 December 19, 2015
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The Visual Arts Center of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in collaboration with the Institute for Development of Contemporary Visual Arts will organize the 8th Fadjr
International Festival of Visual Arts from January 29 to March 7, 2016 with the objective of introducing the novel and original artistic ideas and creations. The organizers hereby invite artists, associations, universities and interested individuals throughout the world to attend this artistic event.

The Festival’s strategy:
Introduction of works executed in the frame of one or a number of visual arts, which would artistically represent an original and conceptual idea.
In this context the artists will have no limitations in presenting their ideas and may use diverse modes of expression and execution.

Methods, techniques and the number of works:   
Illustrations, calligraphies, ceramics, photos, cartoons, graphic designs, sculptures, paintings, Persian paintings and new arts, rendered independently or in combination shall be admitted.
Artists are free to select the method for presentation of their works.
The space allotted for presentation of volumetric works and arrays in the exhibition shall be a maximum of 300 x 300 x 300 cm.
Each applicant may submit a maximum of three works or projects (or a combination of both) to the Festival. If a number of works are presented in a composition, array, figure or structure, they shall be considered as parts of a project.
Only one work or project by the selected artist shall be exhibited during the Festival.
Works submitted to the Festival must have never been on display in any other exhibition.
Submission and selection of works:

Registration, application and submission of works may only be made through the Festival website of www.ivafestival.ir
The size of each submitted file shall be a minimum of one and maximum of 4 megabytes.
Applicants are required to register a brief write-up on their activities and three examples of previous works on the Festival's wwebsite.
Along with their files, applicants must submit a statement describing and clarifying their works or ideas. The said statement should not exceed the maximum of 300 words.
The works will be selected in two stages. First the Art Council shall review the submitted CVs, works and statements to select the works and artists, who shall then be notified of the results. In the next step and through interaction and coordination with the Council, the selected artists shall prepare the final work for submission to the Festival’s Secretariat.

Prizes and benefits:
22 artists shall be selected among those whose works have entered the Festival by a group of Iranian and international judges for the award consisting of 1 Golden Fadjr Visual Arts statuette, Letter of Commendation and USD 2,000 in cash prize.

The selected artists shall be invited to Iran. The costs of travel to and from Iran shall be borne by the artists, while the Festival’s organizers shall pay for the costs of one week accommodation and stay in Iran and travel to Esfahan.
All entrants to the Festival shall receive a certificate of participation and the Festival’s book.

Festival’s Organization:
Festival’s Secretary: Mojtaba AGHAEE
Art Secretary: Jamshid HAGHSHENAS
Executive Secretary: Abdol Rahim SIAHKARZADEH

Art Council:
Mohammad Mehdi RAHIMIAN
Bahman ABDI
Asghar Kafshchian MOGHADAM
Mehnoosh MOSHIRI

Terms and conditions:
1- The Festival is open to all interested artists of any age.
2- Passe-partout, frame and any other form of presentation shall be considered as part of the work and shall be provided by the artists.
3- The artists are responsible for submission and shipment/ transportation of their works.
4- The Festival Secretariat shall have the right to use the works in the publication and information media, cultural advertisements and display in the country and abroad subject to mentioning the name of the artist.
5- The Festival Secretariat shall not be held liable for damages caused by improper packing and posting/ shipment.
6- The final decision about unforeseen circumstances shall be made by the Festival.
7- The interested artists may visit the Festival’s website of www.ivafestival.ir for further information.

1- Call for entries and start of registration on site Sunday October 18, 2015
2- Deadline for registration on site: 24:00 on Saturday, December 19, 2015
3-First selection of works: December 22, 2015 – January 02, 2016
4-Notification of the first selection: January 02, 2016
5-Collection of works from the artists: January 03 – 15, 2016
6-Final selection of the works: January 16 – 21, 2016
7-Notification of the final selection: January 21, 2016
8-Festival's opening ceremony: Friday January 29, 2016
9-Festival's closing ceremony: Saturday February 27, 2016
10-Festival's closing: Monday March 7, 2016
Venue: Saba Institute of Culture and Art
Contact and address of the Festival’s Permanent Secretariat
# 17, Shahid Sodooghi Alley, 
Opposite Laleh Park, 
North Karegar Street, 
Tehran – Iran
Postal Code: 14186 -93541
Telephone and fax: 
+ 98 21 6694 6910 and + 98 21 6694 6911
Email: info@ivafestival.ir
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