The Exhibition of Cartoon and Caricature “ THE DOWNFALL OF THE DYNASTY” Iran, 2015

The exhibition of cartoon and caricature “ THE DOWNFALL OF THE DYNASTY”.. Iran/2015..

October 09, 2015
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The Exhibition of Cartoon and Caricature “ THE DOWNFALL OF THE DYNASTY” Iran, 2015
The tragic catastrophe of Mina in which so many Hajjis and God’s guests lost their lives, created a big sorrow among the Muslims of the world. Undoubtedly the wrong management of Ale Saud in the rites of Hajj and unsuitable actions that were the causes of this catastrophe, should not be denied. So the caricature constant secretariat of Hoze HONARI in Iran, North Khorasan expresses her sorrow and sadness for this sorrowful catastrophe. Besides, With the subject of “THE DOWNFALL OF THE DYNASTY”, this secretariat holds the cartoon and caricature exhibition of this catastrophe’s responsible and creator that is the same Ale Saud. In this way the artists can show their protest to the role of Ale Saud in creating human catastrophes in the region. These catastrophes include: Ale Saud’s support of ISIL in Iraq and Syria, attacking the oppressed people of Yemen and the continuous bombarding in this country, supporting cruel government of Bahrain in killing the people of that country, and Mina the last catastrophe that show the wrong management and inefficiency of Ale Saud.

The frames of the contest:
Ineptness and inefficiency of Ale Saud in managing the Hajj.
Ale Saud is the base of catastrophe, crime and the aggression.
Ale Saud’s supporting of ISIL’s crimes in the region.
The attack of Ale Saud to Yemen and the cruel killing of that country’s people and its support of Bahrain government in doing cruelty to the people of Bahrain.

There is no limitation in the number of the works.
The size of the works should be 2000 pixel length and width, JPG format, 300 DPI.
In addition to the works, the full name, phone number, cellphone number, correct address and artist’s biographyand also the picture of the artist should be sent in one word file.
The elected catalog of the works will be sent to the artists.
09 October 2015