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Results..XX. Mercosur Diogenes Taborda 2015, Argentina

XX° Mercosur International Cartoon Contest Diógenes Taborda, Argentina..

Pazar 13.09.2015 Cartoon Colors
Diogenes Taborda 2015 Grand Prize: 
Doru AXINTE, Romania

Humor Graphic
1st Prize: Doru AXINTE, Romania
2nd Prize: Daniel Pito CAMPOS, Argentina
3rd Prize: Nat, Natalia FORCAT, Brazil
Doru AXINTE, Romania
Klaus PITTER, Austria
Victor SKOPINTSEV, Russia

Humor Graphic and written
1st Prize: Doru AXINTE. Romania
2nd Prize: Daniel Pito CAMPOS, Argentina
3rd Prize: Mfuhaj A. India
Jarúl ORTEGA, Dominican Republic
Jose NEVES (NEMO), Canada
Khalil ZITOUNI, Algeria
Érico JUNQUEIRA unqueira, Brazil
Ilga LEMANE, Latvia
Horacio PETRE, Argentina

1st Prize: Mihai Crıste. Romania
2nd Prize: Elena Ospına. Colombia
3rd Prize: Valeri Tarasenko. Russia
Gergely BACSA, Hungary
Kids illustration: Ester LAURINGSON, Estonia 

1st Prize: Daniel DIEBOLD, Argentina
2nd Prize: Mauricio PARRA, Colombia
3rd Prize: Walter TOSCANO. Peru
Carlos wrists ACHA (Chato), Bolivia
Tiago SANTOS, Brazil
Brazil Ulisses ARAUJO, Brazil
Jan Op De BEECK Congo
Omar SEDEEK. Egypt

1st Prize: Jok (Diego Coglitore), Argentina
2nd Prize: Mariano MOON, Argentina
3rd Prize: Carlos Alberto SCHERPA (screenplay) and Facundo Perez CEJAS
(drawing ArgentinaMention: 
Chappa Juan Carlos CAPPARELLI Argentina
Camila LAGOEIRO, Brazil

AwardCultural Foundation Award Stessens Volpe: 
Gio, Italy
Marcus WIERDEMANN, Germany
20th Anniversary Award Salon Diogenes Taborda
Sergey SICHENKO.- Dariusz DABROWSKI, Poland
80th Anniversary Prize Carlos Gardel: 
Guillermo ARENA,Argentina
Osvaldo LAINO, Argentina
Lifetime Achievement Award: 
Hector BEAS, Argentina
Liliana Navarro:
Encouragement Award, Argentina Guest of Honor: 
Raul ZULETA. Colombia
Hector BEAS, Argentina
Maria Martha LABELLA (Photographer Argentina)

The judge, XX Salon Mercosur International Diogenes Taborda 2015, was chaired by
Antonio Oriana. (The teacher Antonio Oriana was sworn 1st Salon Diogenes Taborda. As a sculptor, among his works are the sculpture of Jorge Luis Borges (National Library) and Quinquela Martin (Caminito, La Boca). I realize from the 50s to today The most important collection of portraits of the leading personalities of the Tango, sculptures made of wood, stone and bronze, some of these works are part of Homero Manzi Museum, National Museum of the Tango, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, and others They located in the Buenosairean Academy of the Lunfardo, cultural institutions and private collections.)

And they integrated: Otilia de Veiga. President of the National Academy of Lunfardo, writer and journalist. Marino Santa María. He was Rector of the National School of Fine Arts "Prilidiano Pueyrredón" (1992-1998).

His most important murals are located in hospitals Italian, British, Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, Tango-Supply, National University of Tres de Febrero, Subway Line D. Station Plaza Italia, etc. Foundation José Massaroli. Illustrator, creator of comic strips like Juan Moreira and Facundo; Winner of the XVII Salon Diogenes Taborda, category Cartoon  Santiago Cornejo. MAD Magazine cartoonist, editor Catrasca Stessens Volpe. Director of the Museum of Graphic Humor Diogenes Taborda, Afro Tango Researcher Raul Zuleta (Colombia) Winner of the nineteenth Salon Diogenes Taborda, category Graphic Humor Jorge BARALE. Seer by artists. Humorist, editor Humor,  radio and TV. (Source: CWN News.com)
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