Results.. 28th International Biennial of Art

28th International Biennial Exhibition of Humour in Art, Tolentino, Italy

Results.. 28th International Biennial of Art
Announced today the winners of the 28th International Biennial of Art that has seen hundreds of artists from around the world are represented, as tradition every continent, confront the controversial theme of this year: "To die from Laughing ". 
A difficult decision that the jury's prestige, led by Paola TADDEI, Director of the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata, which last June ruled that the work was awarded officially the "City of Tolentino International Prize".

This is the Belgian Constantin SUNNERBERG that convinced the jury with its "rainy day". Work, as we read in the minutes of the jury, which addresses the theme of the biennial "with a technical and personal identity" and yet "with a light tone, poetic, surreal". 
To win the second prize was instead an artist Iranian Vahid KHODAYAR who presented a work "Untitled", then easily readable as always happens in the art of satire and humor, beyond language, which is be almost an oxymoron to the caption of the dramatic center of the competition. 

Third prize for metaphysics "At the funeral of illusionist" Armenian Vladimir ABROYAN. Not win the podium of the Biennale but win a special mention for its significant artistic and humorous "The feuilles mortes" by Christian IMBRIANI, "Killer Kit" Tiziana Salè and "Untitled" the Belgian Christo KOMARNITSKI.

The winner of the "Premio Luigi Mari", dedicated to the caricature of famous people was Elvis Corrales RODRIGUEZ with his grotesque and fascinating interpretation of "BB King". Runner the "Putin" by Marco d'Agostino, the third "Marcello Mastroianni" artist Marzio MARIANI. 

Return to this edition of the Biennale of Humour caricature that confirms the creative vitality of many artists who, in most cases, with just a few strokes, they can hit the dominant character of someone famous, perhaps emphasizing the physical features but making in an absolutely evident to the general public tics and various personal characteristics, both of character and physical. (English Translation: Google Translate)

All selected works will be exhibited at the Castle Rancia Tolentino from 28 August to 27 September.
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