4th International Cartoon Contest Sinaloa 2015, México

4th International Cartoon Contest Sinaloa 2015, México..

Sinaloa / MEXICO
November 25, 2015
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4th International Cartoon Contest Sinaloa 2015, México
1. Participation
The Contest is open to all cartoonists from all over the world and beyond.

2. Theme: The Cost of Freedom of Expression.
To speak, to give an opinion, to demonstrate publicly, to express yourself through the most essential forms of social communication are rights than more and more are being treated as merely political-economic interests. A sick intolerance to freedom of speech grows with impunity in many parts of the world. Journalists, political dissidents, human rights activists, mothers and relatives of the "disappeared", intellectuals, cartoonists, are brutally repressed; many have their life threatened or are pushed into exile. And there are those who die because they believe in free speech. To express criticism or to oppose an authoritarian government or large scale organized crime that use murder as a common practice of censure means constantly dicing with death.

This year we invite you to share your ideas with us, to express freely your thoughts about freedom of speech, the controls placed on it and the world-wide violation of this basic human right.

3. The Prizes
1st Prize: $27000 Mexican pesos.
2nd Prize: $23000 Mexican pesos.
3rd Prize: $17000 Mexican pesos.
Winners will be notified by e-mail after 11 December 2015.

4. Entries
A maximum of 3 works can be submitted by E-mail in any media, in black and white or colour, but they should not have received a prize in other contests.
Works should have a minimum resolution of 200 dpi, size 21.5cms x 27.9cms. They should be sent to any one of the following:

5. Deadline: November 25, 2015
6. Please Fill In The Entry Form and Send It Together With Your Work (The entry form can be downloaded from: http://concursosinaloa2015.orgfree.com

. Name
. Photograph
. Address
. E-mail
7. A catalogue with the winners and selected works will be available on the web page of the contest:
8. Participants that were winners in 2014 can participate but if they win again they will only be entitle to receive honorary mentions.
9. Property Rights
Copyright belongs to authors. The Contest will use some works, but only for promotional purposes, such as publicity, the catalogue and the press.

Entry Form/PDF
Entry Form/WORD
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Entry FORM
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