Show Virtual of Humor, Brazil

Along the lines of "Face Laboratory" groups created this project in order to disseminate and promote the art of caricature, cartoonn and charge, as well as many creative artists involved..

Show Virtual of Humor, Brazil
There will be two symbolic prizes every month, without involving an amount of money at first. The goal is that, over time, do partnerships that enable the capture of prizes and / or money to the winning participants.

It was stipulated by the judges that the themes charges, caricatures and cartoons take turns, as in national and international Humor Salons these three categories are the most important. As we see in most of the caricature as focus groups, we decided to also make room for these two remarkable artistic expressions. Also gives rise to other artists who do caricatures show their works.

The works of "Charge / Cartoon" must be sent from the 10th until the 23rd of each month. The Cartoon theme should be sent from 25th to 8th day of the following month. The topics will change each month and will notify in advance to artistas.Any another publication that does not match the prevailing theme at every stage is deleted from the page.
Publish the arts here on the page or in our group Show Virtual Humor. 
The themes will be changed every day 10:25 of each month and will notify in advance to artists.

The jury consists of renowned caricaturists and cartoonists:
Manoel Caetano MAYRINK
Marcelo MAGON
All jobs posted by members of the jury will only exhibition. Not compete for awards.
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