Results.. "Rosatom" Russia 2015

International Cartoon Contest "Rosatom", Russia 2015..

1st Place

Results.. "Rosatom" Russia 2015

Topics Contest 
1 "Trade union rights!" Subject should disclose various aspects of the trade-union organization: improving the living standards of workers, protection of their rights and interests, improving working conditions and so on. N.

2 "Atomic Age" Subject should disclose the need to develop nuclear weapons to defend the country, describing the successes and achievements of the industry in the national economy.

1st place: Igor SMIRNOV, Moscow, Russia
2nd place: Andrew Klimov, Naberezhnye Chelny
3rd place: Radin Anatoly, Moscow, Russia
Prize Award: Rachkov NIKOLAI, Moscow, Russia
Diploma of the Jury: Boris EHRENBURG..
Atomic Age (Children):
1st place:  Tryakshina CAROLINA, Ozersk, (10 years)
2nd place: Daniel KAYUMOV, Snezhinsk, (11 years)
3rd place: Ekaterina SUBBOTIN, Ozersk(13 years)
Diploma of Russian Academy of Arts:
Krasil'nikova MARIA, Snezhinsk, (09 years)
Karnaukhov GEORGE, Cnezhinsk(10 years)

The union (adults):
1st place: Vyacheslav Shilov (St. Petersburg)
2nd place: Sergey Kokarev (Samara)
3rd place: Valeri Tarasenko (Pskov)
Diploma of Russian Academy of Arts:
Alla SERDYUKOV, Podolsk
Li Kui JUN, China

The union children:
1st place: Pavel YAKOVLEV, Snezhinsk(09 years)
2nd place: Evtodieva VERONICA, Snezhinsk(06 years)
3rd place: Elena EVTODIEVA, Snezhinsk(14 years)
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