Graphics International Competition "The Concerns WORLD" 2015, Russia

The competition is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the United Nations..

Moscow / RUSSIA
November 01, 2015
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Graphics International Competition "The Concerns WORLD" 2015, Russia
The competition is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the United Nations..
Cartoonists Guild MEDIASOYUZ, Russia - The initiator. Representative of UN agencies in Russia The composition of the organizers of the contest in the making.

The composition of up to 7 people. 
1. Viktor BOGORAD - Cartoonist 
2. Mikhail ZLATKOVSKY - Cartoonist 
3. Igor SMIRNOV - Caricaturist, member of the Russian Academy of Arts 
4. Sergey TYUNIN - Cartoonist Composition in the formation.

"The concerns of the world" Cartoonists have always been active members of society.
They are constantly attracted his attention to the complex issues of our time. Solve many of them are designed to United Nationsestablished in 1945, powers, defeat the scourge of the XX century - fascism. Mankind today is worth a lot of problems.It is not easy even to list all the challenges facing the international community.
This protection of human rights;and the abject poverty in developing countries;
and the arms race; 
and social inequality;
and unfair distribution of wealth between developed and developing countries; 
and pollution and climate change;
and food shortages;and inaccessibility of health care, and economic crises;
and interference in the affairs of other states;
and terrorism;
and gender inequality; 
and racial discrimination and intolerance;
and the clash of civilizations ... 
and still lots of problems we offer contestants to highlight those that are most concern them. 

In the competition for the 70th anniversary of the United Nations is open to all wishing - as professional cartoonists and fans between the ages of 18 years. 
Works sent to the address the jury This email address:
un-70@inbox.ruelectronically, A3, format JPG, 300dpi, the quality is high.

Technique arbitrary. Each participant may submit up to 3 works, raising various world problems. In the accompanying letter should succinctly stated theme of each work.Allowed signs in the official languages ??of the United Nationsbut recommended Russian and English. Open to all works that have received awards in previous competitions, provided guidance on these awards. Each work must be sent in a separate message.
The letter must be attached photograph 3X3 cm specify the address of residence and citizenship. It recommended as a short biography. Works will be accepted until November 1, 2015. A public debriefing will be made on the exhibition of the winners, which will open the International Human Rights Day on December 10 in Moscow.

Will not be considered work, preaching the idea of ??intolerance, inequality and discrimination, as well as with propaganda. The authors whose works will be admitted to the final exhibition will receive a catalog.

The prize fund in the formative stage
Rules / PDF
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