1st Veredas Graphic Humor Hall 2015, Brazil

The Veredas Institute, aiming to stimulate and reveal cartoonists creations, invites you to be part of the 1st Veredas Graphic Humor Hall- Sete Lagoas city- MG-Brazil..

September 15, 2015
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The Veredas Institute, aiming to stimulate and reveal cartoonists creations, invites you to be part of the 1st Veredas Graphic Humor Hall- Sete Lagoas city- MG-Brazil..
Regulation of the 1st Veredas Graphic Humor Hall/2015

1 Dates:
Registration: from August 15th to September 15th, 2015
Selection: September 17th and 18th, 2015
Official grand opening: October 1st, 2015 at 11 o´clock
Award Date: October 3rd, at 20o´clock
Location: at the Veredas Hotel convention center. 
End of the event: October 12th, 2015.

2 Participation:
2.1 Can enroll in the event all artists, professionals or amateurs, and students from junior and high school who are over the age of 16.
2.2 Each author can enroll up to three artworks per category. The enrolled artworks must be unpublished and about the indicated theme.
2.3 Artists from any country can enroll in the competition.
2.4 Enployees or their relatives connected to the organization of the event are not allowed to participate.

3 Theme:
3.1 Description: AGUAI (WATER) – verb, to pour water on to plants or the soil that they are growing in. It is allusive to the rational use of water. Generally, the uses of water are part of the human activities. In this sense, the water can be used for consumption or as an input in a productive process. The spelling is also allusive to the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, where the inhabitants are used to say Uai – Água (water) +Uai=Aguai (to water).
3.2 The artworks from all the categories must be sent electronically (registration on line, JPEG Format/300 DPI).
3.3 Free style technique. Digital copies signed by the author and numbered (e.g.: 1/1, in case of one drawing; 1/2 in case of two, and so on). Maximum size allowed: 42x30cm (A3).
3.4 Each artist can enroll a maximum of 3 (three) artworks in each category, which are CARTOON, CARICATURE and EDITORIAL CARTOON.
3.5 With the artworks enrolled the artist must attach the application form properly filled in a legible handwriting and signed. It is also required a short curriculum and a photo for our database.

4 The website: 

5 Awards:
5.1 Awards will be granted in a total sum of R$18,000.00 (eighteen thousand reais) in the following manner:
a. Three first places awards in the amount of R$5,000.00 (five thousand reais) each for each category: cartoon, editorial cartoon and caricature;
b. “People´s choice” award in the amount of R$2,000.00 (two thousand reais) chosen by on line and present votes;
c. Academic award in the amount of R$1,000.00 (One thousand reais). Artwork that will represent junior and high schools;
5.2 The awards will not be shared. The chairman of the judging panel will decide who will be the winner, in case of a tie.
5.3 Apart from the monetary prize, the winners will receive a trophy and the other participants selected will receive a participation diploma;
5.4 There will be a pre-selection committee and another one for selection and award, composed of capable people in the subject.
5.5 In case of fraud or plagiarism of any kind detected by the award committee on one or more enrolled artworks, they can cancel the award given;
5.6 The award result can be contested until a week after the Hall´s opening, as long there are appropriate and documentary evidences of any irregularities made without the committee´s knowledge;
5.7 Other prizes and mentions can be institute by the committee as they see fit.

6 Additional information
6.1 The simply by enrolling obligates the artist to accept the present regulation. The chosen artists cede, automatically the artwork copyright for reproduction and/or publishing in any media, unrestrictedly, for the event´s advertisement purposes;
6.2 The awarded authors transfer the artwork copyrights accordingly to the current Law (Copyright Law) in its totality, universally and definite, in every kind of use, free of charge, safeguarded by legislation relative to the awarded artworks in the Veredas Humor Festival: Sete Lagoas city, Minas Gerais state, Brazil;
6.3 Omission cases must be presented and will be evaluated by the Event´s Organaizing Committee.

The "Paths of Humor Festival" has its name inspired by the regional land symbolism of buritizais of paths: a large hinterland passed by pioneers used to challenge the unknown in search of riches.
In this landscape, hinterland, as in a novel by Guimarães Rosa, the city of Sete Lagoas began to rise with all its culture and peculiar art. Against this backdrop we wish to integrate and celebrate through the Festival one of the most popular and affordable forms of artistic expression: the mood scenic and illustrated.
   The "Paths Festival of Humour: Sete Lagoas", aims to develop and involve the local community in movements integrated participation of artists in outdoor activities in cultural centers existing in the city - squares, streets and alleys - for the event is known to be democratic and accessible to the entire local population and visitors.

The idea of ​​creating this event in the city of Sete Lagoas took from the need to seek a dialogue that valued our vocation for tourism and that, in turn, could turn into a shed for our creative economy at national level and internationally.
The "Paths of Humor Festival" aims to walk the fertile land and abundant arts, emphasizing the importance of gun and identify the cultural identity of the city of enchanted lakes and their creative population. This will be through outdoor events involving artists and community, several workshops related to the illustrated humorous art - from gifs production (motion pictures) to the internet to the development of comic strips and comic - as well as a contest with prizes for cartoons , cartoons and caricatures of professional and amateur artists.
The event will also include the completion of the first Hall of Graphic Humor that will not only with exhibitions of renowned artists in the area this category of humor, and in all its forms and directions. The Hall will cover the display of works of participants of the contest for public consideration and evaluation of the technical jury.
We understand that cultural development resulting from "1 Paths Festival of Humor" will open a new page in the history of the city - possibly internationally - and to promote a gathering of people and communities in order to be part of the remarkable annual events calendar in city of Sete Lagoas.

Each year, the Festival will have as its central focus a theme to support the realization of the Paths Hall of Humor - A cartoon contest, cartoon and caricature in the modalities Professional and Amateur.
For lº Hall Paths of Humor, the chosen theme is the language game "Aguai", inspired by a poem by Carlos Botelho and representing the union of the backcountry and mining spirit of our city, with art and mood environment that will promoted the event. By uniting the word water with the famous mining uai, the poet also takes us to the neologism - peculiar characteristic of the works of Guimarães Rosa. 
"Water thou Aguemos us Aguai you!
Aguai, this imperative of life,
which in its most liquid and pure
comes to water of life and mood
World waters of mines, and Minas Gerais;
Aguai, this conspirator combination of water and uai
The lack of a, indignation is another, UAI!
Where you're going? Where's uai water?
Aguai! Water here, water there, do not waste water uai!
Aguai the aridity of the serious, the sulking, sullen, closed, heavy.
Is open, smile, levitate, laugh, play, live happily ...
See life, see joy, vera, paths.
Our theme, make mood with water.
Aguai "(Carlos Botelho: Rio engineer, a lover and admirer of our Minas Gerais.).

Awards and Trophy
In order to recognize and celebrate new and old talents mood will be held homage to the humorous personalities representing Sete Lagoas, in addition to distributing trophies and cash prizes for the winners of the competitive festival shows: professional category, amateur, school and jury popular.

The trophy was created, developed and modeled by the artist Capucci Junior - through the latest technology of 3D printing - with height of 30 cm. The trophy will be presented to the winning artists, whose works will be exhibited at the show of the 1st Footpaths Hall of Graphic Humor in the following categories: 
Cartoon, Charge, Caricature, School and Popular Vote Award. 
Besides the trophy, will also be distributed over twenty thousand reais in prizes to the top finishers. (Portuguese to English translation: Google Translate)
Website: Festival Veredas de Humor
Source: Festival Veredas de Humor