Exhibition Humour 1st International Biennial of Caricature, Brazil

"Exhibition Humour 1st International Biennial of Caricature"  July 09, 2015..

Caricatures and cartoons, which for two centuries did laugh and give the talk, will be exhibited from November 27 in Centro Cultural Justiça Federal (Federal Justice Cultural Center) in Rio, and displayed throughout Brazil, the first truly national Biennial of
Brazilian cartoonists and caricaturists, will happen simultaneously in multiple states.

The 1st INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL OF CARICATURE is an event designed by cartoonist and historian Luciano Magno , author of "História da Caricature Brasileira" (History of Brazilian Caricature) with the support and realization of the Centro Cultural Justiça Federal, Museu Nacional de Belas Artes (National Museum of Fine Arts) and other cultural institutions in Brazil. Event aims to be one of the largest in the world, with 25 historical and contemporary exhibitions in several Brazilian states, with 40 programs in all.

Artists such as Manoel de Araújo Porto-Alegre (Brazil patron caricature ), Calixto Cordeiro, Cavalcante, Cau Gomez, Glen Batoca, Hermé, Zé Andrade, and Alpino, among others, will have solo exhibitions. Complete schedule will be announced soon.

The Event Organization has announced the contest open to cartoonists from around the world, spreading regulation Complete "Exhibition Humour 1st International Biennial of Caricature", which will award the winning artists in the categories cartoon, charge and caricature, caricature and sculpture, with SETH Trophy (named after one of the greatest Brazilian cartoonists of all time, Seth - pseudonym of Álvaro Marins ), made by sculptor Genin Guerra.

The Rules of "Exhibition Humour 1st International Biennial of Caricature ", whose deadline is November 14, 2013 by mail, and the Internet November 17, can be visited on the link below :

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