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Humoralia 2015, Graphic Humor Exhibition

July 26, 2015
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Thursday 11.06.2015 Cartoon Colors
The Coordinadora d’ONGD i aMS of Lleida together with Associació Cultural Humoràlia are proud to present the III Exhibition of Graphic Humor: The Human Rights: our world, our dignity, our future. The aim of the Exhibition is based in making aware the society and promoting human rights, to make them become a reality for all people. The graphic art is a visual journalistic genre of denunciation and civic engagement that aims to contribute to the discussion, in this case about: The Human Rights; our world, our dignity, our future. We consider human rights as the foundation on which we can begin to build a fairer World, more egalitarian and more worthy for all people who live in it. Only based on human rights we can begin to draw our future.
Source: Issuu.com
Website: Coordinadora-ongd-lleida.cat
Website: Crida Humoralia.com
introductory video: Youtube