Cartoons for Diet Book

Looking for cartoons for The ultimate diet book..

Cartoons for Diet Book
Dear Cartoonist,
In the past, I've already realised two cartoon books for charity. The profit was donated to social works set up by Round Table 46 Aalst (member of Round Table International). The money (€ 80,000) was divided amongst a home for mentally and physically disabled
persons, a shelter for children placed by court and an organisation working for the reduction of poverty. You can find a book here. 
Once again, I would like to appeal to your goodwill and ask you to cooperate to my next book by sending me a cartoon that I I would be allowed to use for my book.  The book will be called “The ultimate diet book” and tackles the universal weight problem. It should above all be a humoristic book!  

Themes of the book are, among others:
Too fat and too skinny people, obesitas and anorexia
Overweight people and their problems in everyday life: access in aeroplanes, elevators, theme parks and cars, climbing stairs, picking up stuff, etc.
Obesitas and sexuality (adjusted Kama Sutra for obese people)
The battle against the scale and calories
Obesitas in children
Healthy and unhealthy food
Dieting, crash diets, protein diets, Montignac, Weight Watchers, Pronocal...
Surgery for loosing weight
Diet pills 
Sports, fitness and weight loss appliances
All cartoons on A4 format should be sent to the editorial board before 31/10/2015.
Any earlier publication of cartoons is not a problem.
Cartoons selected for the book are given a compensation of 100 Euro as well as a copy of the book (the 100 Euro can also be donated to the charity concerned).
The cartoonist transfers his copyright in case of publication. 
Cartoons that are not selected will only be returned at such explicit request (as it is for charity, we want to limit costs to the maximum extent possible; we kindly ask for your understanding).
If cartoons are sent through the internet, the image quality should be minimally xx dpi; for these cartoons, no compensation is provided for if selected.

In cooperation with:
International Cartoon Festival Knokke Heist
Lions Club Aalst Dirk Martens (Lions Club International)
Renaissance for the women of Bukavu (King Baudoin Foundation) 
The profit realised with the book will go entirely to charity.

Contact Address:    
Regelsbruggestraat 65
9300 Aalst
T 00 32 474 873512
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