Pawel KUCZYNSKI Wins 20th Euro-Kartoenale

Pool KUCZYNSKI wins festive Euro-katoenale 2015: Soil Pollution and Sanitation‏..

 Pawel KUCZYNSKI Wins 20th Euro-Kartoenale
The Polish cartoonist Pawel KUCZYNSKI wins the 20th edition of the Euro-kartoenale Kruishoutem. He received the award of the hands of the Belgian Minister of Culture Sven GATZ

De internationale jury selected Kuczynskis work out of 815 cartoons, from 532 cartoonist of 71 countries.

The other winners are: 
First prize (Golden Egg): Pawel Kuczynski (Poland)
Secund prize (Silver Egg): Marco d'Agostino (Italy)
Third prize: Paolo Dalponte (Italy)  
Best Entry European Union: Doru Axinte (Roemenia)  
Best Belgian Entry: Herwig Beyaert (Belgium)
Prize of the ECC: Zygmunt Zaradkiewicz (Poland
Cover Award: Nikola Hendrickx (Belgium)
Two honarable mentions were attributed by the jury to: 
Pol LEURS from Luxemburg and Rafeei SAJAD from Iran.

‘Cartoons are so much more than a drawn joke, it aims to stimulate people to reflection ... we even hope that some of the cartoons in this edition can touch people', says Rudy Gheysens president of the Euro-kartoenale and the European Cartoon Center of Kruishoutem.

‘We like to choose themes that are not so evident, we really try to force the cartoonist to be creative. A lot of cartoonists let us know that 'Soil Pollution and - sanitation' was not a very asy topic, and it is a topic that is not every where in the world on the political agenda.', says Rudy Gheysens
The Euro-kartoenale celebrates this year its 20th edition. It all started with a small cartoon exhibition in 1978 and now it is one of the most wellknown cartoonfestivals in the world
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First prize (Golden Egg)

Secund prize (Silver Egg)

Third prize
Paolo Dalpont

Best Entry European Union

Best Belgian Entry

Prize of the ECC

Honarable Mention
Rafeei SAJAD

Honorable Mention