7th Cartoonale Brugge Belgium 2015

Brugge / BELGIUM
May 07, 2015
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Saturday 28.02.2015 Cartoon Colors
EN- CARTOONALE BRUGGE 2015, Theme: 'Freedom'
Participation is free of charge!
The central theme of the 7th edition of Cartoonale Brugge is "Freedom". In order to participate, simply send us your cartoons (max. 3) together with the completed application form (competition rules). The deadline for participation is 7 May '15. 
There are cash prizes of 1,500, 1,000 and 500 Euros. Furthermore, the winning cartoons will be given a central place in the exhibition that will take place in the Jan Garemijnzaal (City Halles) from 7 September until 25 October 2015.

Be creative with the theme of "Freedom" and you may win a great prize and/or see your work exhibited!

Cartoonale Bruges is a biennial international cartoon contest with subsequent exhibition of selected works.
The 7th edition of Cartoonale Bruges revolves around the theme of " Freedom . " You can participate free of charge  by up to three cartoons to send along with the completed application form ( regulation ). 
You can win prizes of 1,500, 1,000 and 500 euros ! In addition, the winning cartoons take center stage at the exhibition in the Jan Garemijnzaal City Hall. From 27 September to October 25, 2015. Spring creatively with the theme of Freedom and who knows your cartoon exhibited and / or you fall in prices. 
Deadline: May 7, 2015
The submitted cartoons may have not been published, must be original and all graphical techniques are allowed.
The drawings are up to A3 size.
Further details can be found in the regulations.
You fill in the registration form and send it along with the cartoons with the mail on to 
Cartoonale Bruges 
Burg 12 
8000 Brugge
The registration form must confirm on the back of each cartoon
You can also get a download link to the cartoons by emailing cartoonale@brugge.be
(minimum 300 dpi). The completed application form you add as an attachment.
Please also indicate if you want us to send you back to work after the exhibitions. 
The city covers shipments with care but can not be held liable for loss or damage during the return.
Participation is free
First prize: 1,500 euros
Second prize: 1,000 euros
Third prize: 500 euros
Contest Rules approved by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen
Türkçe çevirisi/Kozyurt Blog
Gratis deelname! 
De 7de editie van Cartoonale Brugge draait rond het thema "Vrijheid". Deelnemen kan door maximaal 3 cartoons op te sturen, samen met het ingevulde deelnemingsformulier (reglement). Deadline voor de inzendingen: 7 mei '15.  
Je maakt kans op prijzen van 1.500, 1.000 en 500 euro! Daarnaast krijgen de winnende cartoons een centrale plaats op de tentoonstelling in de Jan Garemijnzaal van de Stadshallen van 27 september tot en met 25 oktober 2015.

Spring creatief om met het thema Vrijheid en wie weet wordt jouw cartoon geëxposeerd en/ of val je in de prijzen!
FR- CARTOONALE BRUGGE 2015, Theme: 'Liberté'
Participation gratuite! 
La 7e édition de Cartoonale Brugge a pour thème "la liberté". Pour participer, il suffit de nous envoyer vos cartoons (max. 3) ainsi que le formulaire d'inscription dûment rempli (règlement). Date limite d'inscription: 7 mai '15.  
En participant, vous courez la chance de gagner 1.500, 1.000 ou 500 euros! De plus, les cartoons gagnants occuperont une place centrale dans l'exposition qui aura lieu du 27 septembre au 25 octobre 2015 dans la salle Jan Garemijn (Halles).

Soyez créatif avec le thème « Liberté » et gagnez une place à l'exposition et/ou un prix!
DE- CARTOONALE BRUGGE 2015, Thema: 'Freiheit'
Kostenlose Teilnahme!
Das zentrale Thema für die 7. Edition von Cartoonale Brugge ist "Freiheit". Um teilzunehmen, senden Sie bis spätestens 7. Mai '15 maximal 3 Cartoons ein, gemeinsam mit dem ausgefüllten Teilnahmeformular (Reglement). 
Sie können einen Geldpreis in Höhe von 1.500, 1.000 oder 500 Euro gewinnen. Außerdem werden die gewinnenden Cartoons vom 27. September bis zum 25. Oktober 2015 im Saal Jan Garemijn in den Stadthallen ausgestellt.

Nutzen Sie Ihre Kreativität und vielleicht gewinnen Sie einen schönen Preis und/oder werden Ihre Werke ausgestellt!