'Umoristi A Marostica' Karikatür Yarışması Artık Bienal Olarak Yapılacak

'Umoristi A Marostica' karikatür yarışması artık iki (2) yılda bir Bienal olarak gerçekleştirilecek..

'Umoristi A Marostica' Karikatür Yarışması Artık Bienal Olarak Yapılacak
İtalya'da 46 yıldır aralıksız yapılan 'Umoristi A Marostica' uluslararası karikatür yarışması, bundan böyle Bienal olarak gerçekleşecek
1969 yılından bu yana ara vermeden yaptığı yarışmalarla adından söz ettiren ve dünya karikatüründe önemli bir yere sahip 'Umoristi A Marostica' uluslararası karikatür yarışması, en son geçtiğimiz yıl (2014) yarışmayı düzenlemişti. 

Yarışma düzenleyicileri bir basın bildirisi yayınlayarak; günümüz dünyasındaki değişim ve gelişmeler doğrultusunda aldıkları karar sonucu yarışmanın bundan böyle iki yılda bir yapılmasının kabul edildiğini açıkladılar. Buna göre Bienal olarak gerçekleşecek bu karikatür etkinliğinin birincisi önümüzdeki yıl (2016) gerçekleşecek. 
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Umoristi A Marostica Becomes Biennial
After 46 years’ edition of the competition, the group graphic organizer of the event, has decided that it is time to re-think the most current key in the mode of the event.

Since the birth of the competition to date the social reality, Italian and international, has changed dramatically. Was 1969 when a group of university students, in the wake of the movements of the ’68 proposed a manifestation of complaint is not with protest signs, but with humorous cartoons. They chose the graphics in the belief that it was an international language suited to overcome political barriers, language and culture. We added the humor that for them meant not to laugh and just, but most do reflect, often throwing a critical message on ‘existence. Over time the quality of the works, the honest intent, the seriousness and the quality of the jury, the freedom of choice of themes, the independence from political strategies and/or commercial as well as the passion of the group, have meant that the competition has imposed among the most important in Italy and abroad and is still very popular with artists from around the world.

But the rapid transformation that are affecting the cultural field is changing rapidly forms of production, distribution and consumption of culture in each country, and the forms of cultural exchanges that can take place between countries. Digital culture is causing revolution of all target reference points for human growth social and mental.
This rapid spread of social communication is transforming the quality of virtual information and creates new challenges for art in general, but especially for graphics. In recent years, the group graph has made a considerable effort in this area with results undoubtedly significant, but not optimal yet.
Then to reason with serenity and attention has decided to bring the competition every two years.
However, we will keep the focus on the graphics in the year proposing a 'pause', an exhibition of graphics of great artists in the industry, but we would have so more “time” to re-think our competition in a modern both in structure and in the mode of participation and proposition to the public that has always faithfully followed.
See you in the competition in 2016!


Ross THOMSONEngland