'The Devil Gas Station' 2014 Ukraine.. Results

The IV International competition of a cartoons and caricatures 'The Devil gas station' 2014, Ukraine..

The First Prize

'The Devil Gas Station' 2014 Ukraine.. Results
The competition is devoted to terrorism supported by Putin's Russia in the World. It is dated for Birthday of the Main Instigator of Wars - Vladimir Putin (10. 07.2014).

The First Prize and big 'Rudui Panko' bronze figurine was received by Andriy LEVCHENKO from Poltava, Ukraine (Top).
The Second Place and small 'Rudui Panko' bronze figurine was received by Riber HANSSON from Stockholm, Sweden.
The Third place and 'Rudui Panko' authors figurine was received by Sergey TUNIN from Moskow, Russia.

Diplomas of competition gained:
1. Louís POL. Neytral BayAustralia
2. Bayram HAJIZADE, BakuAzerbaijan
3. Raul Alfonso GRISALES. BogotaColombia
4. Joseba Berrondo ARBELAIZ. San SebastianSpain
5. Jin Xiao XING. Gu Shi. China
6. Aidin ARDJOMANDI. TehranIran
7. Andrea PECCHIA. Roma. Italy
8. Andrey FELDSHTEYN. Minneapolis. USA
9. Aleksandr DUBOVSKY.Dnepropetrovsk. Ukraine
10. Vladimir KAZANEVSKY. Kiev.
11. Alеksey KUSTOVSKY. Kiev.
12. Viktor HOLUB. Zdolbunov.
13. Pavel TAUSSIG. Berlin. Germany
14. Huhriki. Moskow. Russia
15. Vahe NERSESIAN. Maxeville. France

Total catalog of a caricature and cartoons 'The Devil gas station' is prepared for printing. It will be sent to authors till 12. 1. 2015. In the catalog of a cartoons/caricatures of authors which passed in the first round of competition are selected. It is possible to order additional copies with an advance payment.
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