7. International Cartoon / Caricature Contest - Magazine 'Nosorog' (“Rhinocervs”)

Republica Srpska
December 15, 2014
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The organizer of 7th International cartoon/caricature contest is The International magazine for satire, humor and cartoons “Nosorog” ( “Rhinocervs”; www.nosorog.rs.sr ). The contest is opened for professional or amateur cartoonists, from any country, any nationality, age, sex, or profession..
The organizer of 7th International cartoon/caricature contest is The International magazine for satire, humor and cartoons “Nosorog” ( “Rhinocervs”; www.nosorog.rs.sr ). The contest is opened for professional or amateur cartoonists, from any country, any nationality, age, sex, or profession.

In 19th and 20th Century 

First Prize: 300 euros + Diploma
Second Prize: Diploma
Third Prize: Diploma
Five ( 5 ) Special Diplomas

Conditions of entry: 

1. Technic: any Technic will be accepted
2. IMPORTANT: Write on each caricature which philosopher you present! (you may find photos of philosophers on Wikipedia, or somewhere other on net)
3. Entries: maximum 7 entries will be submitted 
4. Size of entries: A4, A3 format
5. Send your name, surname, address and the E-mail
6. You may send by post or by E-mail 
7. E-mail for sending art-work:
Note: 300 dpi resolution; JPG, JPEG format
8. If you send by post, address is:
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Note: Please, do not send originals, because we will not send you back!
Entry deadline is the December 15th  2014.

10. Names of Philosophers:
Arthur SCHOPENHAUER, Germany
Søren Aabye KIERKEGAARD, Denmark
Friedrich Wilhelm NIETZSCHE, Germany
Auguste COMTE, France
John Stuart MILL, England
Herbert SPENCER, England
Alexander von HUMBOLDT, Germany
Gustav Theodor FECHNER, Germany
Rudolf Hermann LOTZE, Germany
Friedrich Adolf TRENDELENBURG, Germany
Karl Robert Eduard von HARTMANN, Germany
Ernst Kuno Berthold FISHER, Germany
Friedrich Albert LANGE, Germany
Hermann COHEN, Germany
Paul Gerhard NATORP, Germany
Ernst CASSIRER, Germany
Wilhelm WINDELBAND, Germany
Heinrich John RICKERT, Germany
Richard KRONER, Germany
Benedetto CROCE, Italy
Giovanni GENTILE, Italy
Mikhail Alexandrovich BAKUNIN, Russia
Ivan Alexandrovich ILYIN, Russia
24.  Charles Sanders PEIRCE, USA
William JAMES, USA
Charles W. MORRIS, USA
Richard McKay RORTY, USA
Richard Heinrich Ludwig AVENARIUS, Switzerland
Ernst Waldfried Josef Wenzel Mach, Austria
Jorge Agustín Nicolás Ruiz de Santayana y Borrás, known as: George Santayana, Spain-USA
Henri BERGSON, France
Wilhelm DILTHEY, Germany
Georg SIMMEL, Germany
Oswald Arnold Gottfried SPENGLER, Germany
Nikolay Yakovlevich DANILEVSKY, Russia
Semyon Lyudvigovich FRANK, Russia
George Edward MOORE, England
Bertrand Arthur William RUSSELL, England
Ludwig Josef Johann WITTGENSTEIN, Austria-England
Bernhard Placidus Johann Nepomuk Bolzano - Bernard BOLZANO, Czech Kingdom, Bohemian Kingdom
Franz Clemens Honoratus Hermann Brentano - Franz BRENTANO, Germany
Edmund Gustav Albrecht Husserl - Edmund HUSSERL, Germany
Max Ferdinand SCHELER, Germany
Gustav Gustavovich SHPET, Russia-SSSR
Nicolai HARTMANN, Russia-Germany
Martin HEIDEGGER, Germany
Martin BUBER, Austria-Israel
Emmanuel LEVINAS, Russia-France
Gabriel Honoré MARCEL, France
Karl Theodor JASPERS, Germany
Nikolai Alexandrovich BERDYAEV, Russia-France
Žan Pol Sartr (France) - Jean-Paul SARTRE
Miguel de Unamuno y JUGO, Spain
José Ortega y GASSET, Spain
Theodor W. ADORNO, Germany
Walter Bendix Schönflies Benjamin - Walter BENJAMIN, Germany
Herbert MARCUSE, Germany-USA
Erich Seligmann FROMM, Germany-Mexico-Switzerland
Jürgen HABERMAS, Germany
Niklas LUHMANN, Germany
György LUKÂCS, Hungary
Karl KORSCH, Germany
Ernst BLOCH, Germany
Gajo PETROVIC, Yugoslavia
Étienne GILSON, France
Konstantin Eduardovich TSIOLKOVSKY, Russia
Nikolay Alekseevich UMOV, Russia
Nikolai Fyodorovich FYODOROV, Russia
Vladimir Ivanovich VERNADSKY, Russia
Vladimir Sergeyevich SOLOVYOV, Russia
Pavel Alexandrovich FLORENSKY, Russia
Karl Raimund POPPER, Austria-England
Thomas Samuel KUHN, USA
Paul Karl FEYERABEND, Austria-USA
Claude Lévi-STRAUSS, France
Michel FOUCAULT, France
Jacques Marie Émile LACAN, France
Ferdinand de SAUSSURE, Switzerland-France
Jacques DERRIDA, France
Hans-Georg GADAMER, Germany
Eugen FINK, Germany

… (also, you may draw some others)
Plus: Milan UZELAC (Serbia)

11. EXHIBITION: The exhibition will take place in the gallery of the National Library of Republika Srpska, city Banja Luka
12 - IMPORTANT NOTE: In the event that the State, from which awarded is, under international sanctions, the organizer is not liable if it can not deliver the prize!
13. Note: Sender must be author of caricatures!
14. Jury members:
Mrs. Maria Claudia RE, Cartoonist, Illustrator, Designer - Argentina
Mr. Aleksandar BLATNIK, Painter, Cartoonist - Serbia
Mr. Milenko KOSANOVICH, Cartoonist - Serbia
Mr. Milenko MIHAJLOVICH, Painter, Cartoonist - Serbia
Mr. Vladica MILENKOVICH, writer, Editor in Chief, Serbia
Mr. Miladin BERICH, writer, Editor, Republika Srpska/BA
Mr. Goran KLJAJICH, writer, Chief Editor of “Nosorog”, Republika Srpska/BA

We wish you good art-work and successful participation to everyone.
International magazine for satire, cartoon and caricature “Nosorog” (“Rhinocervs”)
City Banja Luka
Republika Srpska
Balkan, Europe

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