Results.. XXII EDITION International Satire and Humor Contest 2014, Trento, Italy

22° Rassegna Internazionale di Satira e Umorismo 2014..

Trento, 31/05/2014
On 31st may 2014 the jury of the 22nd International Exhibition on Satire and Humor with title: «THE TIME IS RUNNING OUT» met at the Studio d’Arte Andromeda in Trento.

Members of the jury:
Toti BURATTI, Giordano PACENZA, Giuliano ROSSETTI, Gloria CANESTRINI and, live online from Fano  Giovanni SORCINELLI, Cinzia BTTISTEL, Giorgio VALENTINI.

968 by 378 authors from 55 countries


First Prize:
Vyacheslav SHILOV (Russia)
for the wise and expressive graphic sign, and for getting the theme in a striking and hilarious humorous form.

Second Prize:
Pavel MATUSKA (Czech Republic)
for the great skill of illustrator and humorist in a cartoon with also a narrative and evocative flavour.

Third Prize:
Maurizio MINOGGIO (Italy)
for the graphinc synthesis, the refined message, the originalità to express the theme.

Distinguished works:
Akbar TORABPOR (Iran)
Alexandr ZUDIN (Russia)
Andrei POPOV (Russia)
Ba BİLİG (Cina)
Bogumil LACH (Polonia)
Hasan GARA (Iran)
Trayko POPOV (Bulgaria).

Special Mention:
Atefeh MALEKI (Iran)
for hitting the target theme with an intensely poetical image.
Gianfranco UBER (Italia)
for the dimension of the absurd, linked at the originality of the ironic message.

Video Category:
Distinguished works by Andrea Oberosler, Marianna Carazzai and Asyat Gamzatova for the professional fulfillment and for hitting the target theme.

Comic Category:
Distinguished work by Giuseppe Mangini for the technique e dynamism of the script.
President of the Jury
-->(Source/Studio Andromeda)

First Prize
Vyacheslav SHILOV

Second Prize
(Czech Republic)

Third Prize
Maurizio MINOGGIO