The 3rd International Exchange and Investment Competition, IRAN, 2014

May 21, 2014
New Deadline:
May 22, 2014

New email sending the works: Sabagraphic.net@gmail.com
Theme: Exchange and Investment..

- Stock market is legal, safe and transparent and is likened to a glass hall
- Investment in the stock market is not in need of macro capitals and is possible with whatever amount
- Stock market with integration of small capitals to macro capitals prosper the economy
- Investing in the stock market just like any other economic market is not free of risk
- In the stock market instead of emotional behaviors decisions should be made consciously and disregard of the rumors
- Fluctuations in the stock prices is part of the characteristics of the stock market which gives it attraction
- Transaction of stocks and making decisions in the stock market in the absence of research and consultation with experts could be harmful
- Irrational growth (bubble) of the stocks might soon be converted into a sudden drop
- Information technology plays a key role in the stock market and online transaction is an advanced and easy way in this market
- It would be better to fund stranded surplus money in the stock market
Some common terms and symbols:
- "Bull market" is the symbol of sure and growing investment
- "Bear market" is the symbol of risky and detrimental investment
- "Chicken investment" is the symbol of prudent investment
- "Swine investment" is the symbol of precipitous investment
terms and conditions:
- There is no limit on the number of entries
- E-mailed entries should have jpg format, with resolution of 300dpi and in A4 dimensions.
- Works in comic strip sector should be designed in one page.
- The quality of entries should be as such that could be developed in 50cm and 70cm sizes and also printed in the exhibition book.
- Profile of the participants should be completed and sent as explained in the attachments.
- A personal photograph of the artist accompanied by the participant’s profile should be sent.
A copy of the book of the exhibition would be presented to the artists whose works find ways to the exhibition.
- A certificate on participation in the exhibition would be presented to all the artists whose works find way into the exhibition.

Profile of the participants:
- Name and Family Name:
- Date of Birth:
- Country:
- City:
- Description of activities:
- E-mail:
- Tel:
- Postal address:

First Person: 30,000,000 Rls together with a plaque of honor
Second: 20,000,000 Rls together with a plaque of honor
Third: 10,000,000 Rls together with a plaque of honor
5,000,000 Rls together with Plaques of honor would to the four artists
Deadline for submission: 21 May 2014
NEW DEADLINE: 22 May 2014
Address: Sabagraphic.net@gmail.com
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