'The Hidden Wolf within Me'

'The Hidden Wolf within Me', International Call for Submission, Mail Art 2014..

July 24, 2014
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'The Hidden Wolf within Me', International Call for Submission, Mail Art 2014
Man reshuffling the nature to focus solely on human interests in order to embrace development. Human replaced as the top predator for the vilified social animal: wolf.
Same genetic background as the dogs, wolves are regarded as evil, to the settlers who invaded their world, wolves are considered as bloodthirsty vermin with no redeemable attributes, fit only to be eliminated in the name of progress. Domesticated dogs are being loved devotedly, sits in the front of the car, being fed gourmet meals, even sleeping in our bed. By contrast, wolves are irrationally demonized. Tortured by traps and snares, shot and poisoned along with their pups, and accused as remarkable evil behavior based on the Middle Ages fairy tales.

Asleep in the snow and play in the meadows, wolves rebound their number through the help of wolf biologist, tribes and devoted people who document their hidden lives which help them to have a permanent habitat in the wild open spaces of North America.
Wolves hold a special place in the hearts and minds of many people, a symbol of mysterious spirit and strength.

In order to coexist with wolves, we need to look deeper into their social structure to see that they too, live in a society that relies on leadership, learned behavior, and family bonds.
We have to listen as they howl a soulful frenzy in the dark of the night.
Join “The Hidden Wolf within Me”, Mail Art Project 2014, collage, photography and drawing.

Submission deadline: 24 July 2014

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Together, let us build compassion by educating the world on the relevance of why do wolves exist like humans do.
Source: The Hidden Life of Wolves by Jim and Jamie Dutcher
Foreward by Robert Redford
Query / Mechanics: hyperkreeytiv@gmail.com
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