Naji Al-Ali Third Edition Cartoon Award, Urdun

Participation is open for all professional cartoonists from all over the world..

June 20, 2014
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Country: Jordan
Subject: Palestine
Last Participation Date: Friday, June 20, 2014
Participation way: Electronic

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The main topic of the competition is Palestine; the purpose of the cartoon must be related to the Palestinian Cause affair. Cartoonists, may participate in Cartoon which are talking about topics such as freedom, anti-occupation, the right of return, anti- aggression of Israel, the Israeli siege, the people’s right to resist occupation, promote a culture of resilience, anti-organized terrorism practiced by states, the supporting of occupation by U.S. and western states, Palestinian people’s suffering from the occupation, Palestinians’ suffering in asylum, Palestinian prisoners’ suffering in Israeli jails, racial discrimination suffered by Palestinians under the rule of Israel, Israel as a religious country, Israel as a religious country....etc. The topic participation of the cartoon may also be involved in internal Palestinian topics such as the differences between the Palestinian factions.

Participation is open for all professional cartoonists from all over the world.

The Drawing size must be A3 or A4.
The drawing can be done either manually or by using computer techniques.
The participated drawings is limited at a maximum of five.
The participated drawings should be without inclement of a text
The joint works are not accepted. The work should be done solely.
The cartoons could participate whether where published or unpublished.
The participated cartoon shouldn’t win any prize before.
The cartoonist who won the contest shouldn’t participate again after at least three sessions.
The organizers of the competition, " Al-bayyara Cultural Association and Palestine International Institute have the right to use the drawings for non-commercial purposes, it is also allowed for the website Arab cartoon house promote the participated works in the website and social networking pages.
The judges awarded one prize worth five thousand dollars for the winner, and they have the right to award it
to more than one cartoonist.

The last date for sending entries is June 20, 2014

Results announced on 20 September at a special ceremony called "cultural day for Palestine", which will be held in the Jordanian capital.

Participation is allowed only for registered members only.
Please note that each member can use the form only once, so please review the full processing before sending the form.
-->(Source/Arab Cartoon)

The Palestine International Institute and Al-bayyara Cultural Association declared the launch of the third Palestine awards, containing its six categories, Naji al-Ali cartoon award is one of them.

"Palestine Awards" is a collection of awards in the field of culture, literary and art. The prize amount is five thousand U.S. dollars at each category. The main aim of the awards is to maintain the presences in the memory of humankind, Also to increase awareness about the Palestinian cause, To highlight the great important position of art and literary by having awards which hold the Palestinian creative people, as well as encouraging and stimulate the creative sense which the Palestinians has and to urge creators to create works of art which enhance and force the culture of resilience and return.

The announcement of winners and delivering awards will in a special ceremony called “Palestine Day of Culture” on September this year.

The cartoon Category is called Naji Al-Ali (Palestinian cartoonist), so who is Naji al-Ali?
He is one of the most important cartoonist in Arab World. He is a Palestinian, he was born in Al-Shajarah village before the Israeli invaders of Palestine. His family immigrated to Lebanon in the Calamity year ,which is the year of invading Palestine in 1948, back then he was 10 years old he spent his childhood and youth in the Palestinian camp in south Lebanon.

He published his first cartoon in 1961, he travelled in 1963 to Kuwait and started working there in Al-Taliah  newspaper,  then he worked in a many Arabian newspapers. In 1969, he created a cartoon character called Hanzalah a 10-year old child. He talked about the Palestinian cause so he revealed many corruption files he painfully talked about the Israeli invaders and the Palestinians’ suffering because of invaders or their suffering in the country of asylum.

He was forced to leave Kuwait at the request of the Kuwaiti government because of pressure exerted on it. He left to London where he started working in the international version of Al-Qabas newspaper.

On July 22, 1987, while he was heading to his work place in one of London’s street an anonymous young man shot him, the shot pierced Naji’s right ear and settled under his right eye, He remained in a coma until he died on August 29 of the same year.