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Animago Award 2014 Competition

The animago Award has been acknowledging the best works in the entire spectrum of digital media production and visualization since 1997. Since its existence the competition has succeeded in achieving even greater international prominence and acknowledgment. The animago Award offers creative people the opportunity to present their skills and to measure themselves in that industry sector..

Category:  Animation
Deadline:  June 30, 2014
Contest's Website:  [link]

Possible entry types are:

A still is defined as a picture that has been created predominantly using 3D software. However, a mixture with real elements is allowed as well as touch ups using 2D paint software. The focus is on the modelling of objects, how materials have been used, and how the lighting and perspective have been implemented considering the picture’s message. The use of new technologies and the submission’s originality will also be evaluated.

This type serves as a reservoir for films that have been created predominantly using 3D software, as well as compositings. The focus is on how authentic and convincing 3D objects, lighting and camera angles are. However, the dramaturgy, editing and story will also be evaluated by the jury, taking the submission type (e.g. architecture, art, advertising/commercials) into consideration.

The Interactive category is designed for submissions that allow the user to control how and in which order information is presented to him. When evaluating the submission, the jury focusses on the overall concept, the clarity of the structure and its graphical conversion. Examples for submissions that fit into this category are film DVDs, interactive visualizations as well as productions created for plug-ins (e.g. Flash, Siverlight), Games (Computer or Console), Mobile applications, Installations, etc.
There is no entry fee.
The animago Award is open to anyone worldwide.

Five outstanding entries per category will be nominated and the best of them will win the coveted animago trophy.
The awards presentation will take place as part of the animago Award & Conference, 16th-17th October 2014
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-->(Rules/Graphic Competition-Animago Award 2014 Competition)

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