The Third International Grand Award Of “Down With Usa”, Iran

November 03, 2016
November 20, 2016
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Photograph, Poster, Cartoon..

Friday 12.08.2016 CartoonColors
Photograph, Poster, Cartoon

* US & Human Rights
* US & Oppression
* US & Democracy
* US & Dictatorship
* US & Freedom of Speech
* US & 99% Movement (Wall Street)
* US & Supporting Terrorism

* There Is No Time Limitation For The Works And All The Works Which Are Sent Up To The Deadline Will Be Participated In Festival.
* The Format Of Graphics Works Should Be JPG In A3 Size And Maximum 5 Mg.
* The Format Of Photographs Should Be JPG And Maximum 5 Mg.
* The Format Of Cartoons Should Be JPG And Maximum 5 Mg.
* All The Works Will Be Presented To The Participants In Books, Will Be Shown In The Exhibitions And …

New DeadlineNovember 20, 2016

New E-mail:

The Third International Grand Award of “Down with USA”

The Main Part:
First Place In Each Part: 2,500 EUR
Second Place In Each Part: 1,250 EUR
Third Place In Each Part: 500 EUR

The Peripheral Part:
First place in each part: 750 EUR
Second place in each part: 375 EUR

Third place in each part: 170 EUR

Jitet KOESTANA, Indonesia
Hicabi DEMIRCI, Turkey
Mahmood NAZARI, Iran

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