Trento Economics Festival 2015, Italy

Trento / ITALY
May 24, 2015
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Dear designers,
This year the has once again been invited to participate in the
'Festival of Economics', held between May 29th and June 2th in Trento.
Dynamic and static inequalities are equally important. It is not just the distance between
those with higher and lower incomes that matters, but also the odds that lower-paid workers
will close the gap in the course of their lifetime.
The great divide between the richest and poorest 20 per cent of the US population was
for a long time deemed socially acceptable because it was part and parcel of a society with
high levels of social mobility. The US was considered to be the land of self-made individuals
where the declared, if not always practiced, objective was that of guaranteeing equal
opportunities. Social mobility means that even when inequalities are most glaring, it is still
possible for those who find themselves on the lowest rung of the social ladder to move up
several places in the income scale. In fact, as a Report to the US Congress recently
acknowledged, the latest studies show that the rise in income and earning disparities has
gone hand in hand with a contraction in social mobility. Meanwhile cross-country data on
static and dynamic inequalities show that the greater the income gaps are, the less social
mobility there is across generations, a correlation which, ironically enough, is known as the
Great Gatsby curve.
We have decided to put together a presentation that you can visit via our website:
We would appreciate it if you could email your work to us.
Upon the conclusion of the festival, a judge will declare the three winning designers and
present prizes. More information can be found by visiting the homepage of the Provincia
Autonoma di Trento and navigating to the official homepage of the 'Festival of Economics'
Festival dell'Economia.
Best wishes

Andromeda Art Studio
The theme for this year is: Social mobility
Deadline May 24 2015
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